Goldberg Variations – ternary patterns for insomnia

Andersson Dance & Scottish Ensemble

The show will unfortunately not be able to play live during the Biennial

Eleven musicians and five dancers delve into one of the world’s most celebrated and beloved pieces of music.

Two international ensembles meet in order to make a new interpretation of a timeless classic. Örjan Andersson’s choreographies are grounded in the foundational structures and depths of the music he is exploring, be it a piece of newly written electronic, folk or classical music. He has always been interested in music, which acts as a script to the movement. After receiving the SvD Opera Price in 2011, he commented that: ‘There is something magical about the musicality in the movement.”

Photo: Hugh Carswell

Choreography: Örjan Andersson
Musical direction: Jonathan Morton
Music: J.S. Bach – Goldberg Variations (arr. Sitkovetsky)
Set and light design: SUTODA
Video design: Sam Salem
Costume design: Bente Rolandsdotter
Musicians: Scottish Ensemble: Jonathan Morton, Cheryl Crockett, Daniel Pioro, Rakhvinder Singh, Joanne Green, Laura Ghiro, Jane Atkins, Andrew Berridge, Alison Lawrance, Naomi Pavri and Diane Clark
Dancers: Jozsef Forro, Eve Ganneau, Paul Pui Wo Lee, Csongor Szabo, Danielle de Vries