augusti, 2019

tors01aug17:0018:0017:00-18:00 Drunk Lesbian Love AffairUnder Eken, GalärparkenEventtyp:FöreställningDag:3. torsdag


They’re young. They’re drunk. They’re in love…until they sober up. A Drunk Lesbian Love Affair chronicles the escapades of Sally and her “drunk lesbian lover” through a haze of whiskey and wine. A one-person show, performed and penned by Gonzalez Kane explores the vulnerability of love and sexuality, queerness and coming into ones own. This tender-hearted comedy combines millennial discourse, poeticism, and movement in the search for a sober love.


(Torsdag) 17:00 - 18:00


Under Eken, Galärparken

Galärparken, Djurgårdsvägen 42, Stockholm