maj, 2019

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Organizer: Scensverige – Swedish ITI

Scensverige has led a national LGBT+ network for four years, spreading performances and experiences over the country in collaboration with established theatre and dance organizations. In 2017 Scensverige initiated an international workgroup and network at the International Theatre Institutes World Congress in Segovia, Spain.

At Europride in Stockholm in 2018 the first international meeting was held, with representatives from Russia, Georgia, India, South Africa, Finland, Sweden, Spain, Great Britain, Iran and USA. The synergies of these days in Stockholm are unmeasurable.

The main point with the network is to celebrate, empower, inspire and exchange artistic experiences and ideas. What we hear about most are the dangers, the violence, the threats and the censorship. We want to gather the performers and creators from the LGBT+ communities around the world to get a deeper knowledge of the circumstances and challenges and also to broaden their network and get a chance to express support and solidarity across borders. And certainly inspire each other to new amazing creations and exchanges. With very simple means it´s possible to make a huge impact.

Welcome to a panel talk with the initiators and some of our collaborators. We are currently planning a theatre project in Tbilisi, Georgia, based on documentary stories of violence against transgenders. We are collaborating with Georgian ITI, theatre workers and LGBT+ activists, with funding from the Swedish Institute.

Mattias Brunn, Actor, Director, Artistic leader
Aleksa Lundberg, Actress, Journalist, Activist, Writer
Joakim Rindå, Director, Playwright, Community developer
Ulricha Johnson, Managing Director of Scensverige – Swedish ITI


(Fredag) 12:00 - 12:45