What happens to the performing arts industry?

On 21 August, Minister of Culture Amanda Lind and Minister of the Interior Mikael Damberg invited to a press conference to present how the performing arts and events industries will survive the pandemic. On 27 August, the Public Health Agency in Sweden issued a consultation response that enables the industry to welcome a more vast audience again.

The Public Health Agency’s proposal 27 August
The Public Health Agency submits a consultation response in which it proposes that the exemption should initially apply to events with a maximum of 500 people. According to the proposal, the ceiling may be raised further depending on the pandemic’s development and the effects of the changes. Also, the authority writes that the distance that the participants must keep should be one meter.

The Swedish Government’s proposal 21 August
Minister of Culture Amanda Lind and Minister of the Interior Mikael Damberg announce additional financial support for culture and sports of SEK 2.5 billion. The Government also wants to ease the audience restrictions for several types of events. For example, when an artist performs for a seated audience in a venue with serving and for a football or ice hockey match that so far has not been able to have an audience due to the limitation of the number of people allowed to participate. The exceptions are proposed to apply if it is possible to carry out an event with a seated audience at a distance of two meters and an audience roof. The Swedish Public Health Agency has been commissioned to produce more specific recommendations regarding this and how, for example, audience releases and queuing should be handled.

KLYS meets three ministers, 21 August
KLYS meets Minister of Culture Amanda Lind, Minister of Trade and Industry Ibrahim Baylan, and Minister of Labor Eva Nordmark to discuss its members’ needs. At the meeting, KLYS ‘new proposals for a follow-up crisis package for culture # krispaketförkulturen2.0 developed in collaboration with KLYS 14 member organizations, will be presented. There, KLYS states which measure the Government should prioritize to create reasonable conditions for art, culture, and culture creators during the pandemic. Thus, artistic activities can eventually be resumed. Read the proposal here.

Previous lobbying from the industry

A meeting focusing on the technology professions.
Meeting with representatives from the Swedish Musicians’ Association and LLB (industry association for experience technology), The Swedish Union for Performing Arts and Film, Minister of Culture and Minister of Trade and Industry Ibrahim Baylan on how the culture/events sector is affected by the pandemic with particular focus on technical professions and subcontractors.

Call to open Sweden’s schools for culture!
The four performing arts organizations Svenska Assitej, Teatercentrum, Danscentrum, and Länsteatrarna in Sweden, have written an open letter to Minister of Education Anna Ekström, Minister of Culture Amanda Lind and Sweden’s Municipalities and Regions CEO Staffan Isling. Read the letter here.

General meeting for national institutions, trade unions, and industry and employers’ organizations
At the beginning of August, representatives of Swedish Performing Arts, the Swedish Performing Arts Association, and the heads of the national performing arts institutions participated in a meeting with Minister of Culture Amanda Lind to emphasize the industry’s great seriousness is facing.

Newsletter #June 2020

Together with our members, we have created a state of the nation address. In the industry, we often talk and write messages and manifestos about the importance of performing arts, theater, art, and culture. We wanted to investigate whether it’s possible to write a kind of message which is art in itself. The playwrights Alexandra Loonin and Ebba Petrén have written a fantastic text, which can be listened to and read over and over again. It is both abstract and concrete, and very human. The fact that so many of our members wanted to be involved in recording audio and film on their own gives the film a touching quality and we are so happy for everyone´s efforts and commitment. Doing something together even though we can’t meet live feels special at times like these. See ”State of the relationship” here and please help us spread it!

Global Pride
In this digital period, all Pride Festivals around the world have cancelled live activities. The Swedish Pride organization invited us to submit a contribution from our ITI Proud Performing Arts LGBTQ+ Network to the digital event Global Pride, where films and greetings from all over the world will be broadcast on June 27th. We keep our thumbs that as many of our proposals as possible get selected!

Proud Performing Arts
Regarding our Proud Performing Arts Festival in collaboration with Parkteatern and MDT in Stockholm at the end of July, we are still awaiting a decision. Either we run with a limited audience or try to arrange the performances later this year. Stockholm Pride has postponed their events to November. Digital solutions can also be made to a certain extent, we will get back with more info about this!

As there is great uncertainty about how the pandemic will develop, the Swedish Performing Arts Coalition and ASSITEJ Sweden have decided to suspend Swedstage 2020 in the form we are used to. Current circumstances make it difficult to organize international festivals. Instead, we will arrange a digital showcase program, October 18-20: Swedstage Online. There, we will show the variety of Swedish performing arts through a number of short clips from selected productions, as well as conversations with the creators and others.

A physical Swedstage will be arranged in 2021, more about this after the summer. If you have questions or want to know more, contact us at info@scensverige.se, info@assistej.se.

Keep spreading our newly translated plays 
Contemporary Swedish drama runs the gamut from menstrual musicals to urgent depictions of our era, from dystopian futures to a critical view of our economic system, by way of Greek drama that plays out in the psychiatric ward. Each Swedish playwright presented here is different from the next. Each inhabits their own unique position and perspective and allows their divergent life experiences to be reflected in their words. Taken as a whole, these works offer something for every target audience and paint a picture of our society and world.

Here you will find ten voices, translated by Rachel Willson Broyles, that together comprise a palette that can illustrate the current state of Swedish drama. And yet this is merely a fragment of a staggering and many-faceted chorus of voices. We hope that the curiosity sparked by this selection will lead to more Swedish playwrights’ work being read, moving audiences, and being produced all over the world. While the Swedish experience is unique, reading and the performing arts are universal.

New staff at Scensverige
This autumn we welcome Sandra Karlung to Scensverige! During the spring, she did an internship through the cultural science program at Stockholm University, and we are very happy that she stays, as our administrator.

Performing Arts Summer
We wish you a lovely summer and send extra love to the summer productions that will be conducted with a limited audience, we urge everyone to book a ticket for them!

Newsletter #December 2019

We are very happy to announce that Västerås (Westeros for Game of Thrones fans!) will be the city for the next Swedish Biennial for Performing Arts in May 2021! It will be incredibly fun to invite everyone to Västmanland’s Theater, where Niklas Hjulström is the Executive and Artistic Leader. Västerås and Västmanland have a history of a rich and innovative cultural life, and many exciting cultural personalities. Västmanland’s Theater has over the years done a fantastic anchoring work and creates a lot of commitment in the region. In addition, Scensverige will celebrate 70 years as Swedish Center of International Theatre Institute, so this biennial will become extra festive in several ways. 

Contemporary Russia exchange plans
Scensverige has just returned from Moscow, where we met Russian partners for an exchange of contemporary drama between our countries. The project was initiated by the Cultural Councelor Stefan Ingvarsson at the Swedish Embassy in Moscow, and we have had planning meetings with the Meyerhold Center, which is a unique house with three stages that are open to independent performing arts. They work with a comprehensive residency program to encourage non-established creators to enter the industry. Now we would like to know which Swedish institutions, venues or performing arts presenters who are interested in being part of staged readings of a number of newly written Russian plays during 2021. 

While in Moscow we also took the opportunity to visit the Gogol Center and show our support to the director and artistic director Kirill Serebrennikov via his management staff. Serebrennikov has been released from a house arrest after 20 months, but still faces imprisonment on charges of financial crime, and his passport is seized. Most people agree that the crime is fabricated and that the detention is because his work is provocative. We also visited our Russian sister organization within the International Theater Institute, which has its office at the Rainkin School of Performing Arts, and had additional meetings with Elektroteatern and Theater Doc, who visited Proud Performing Arts during Stockholm Pride 2018 with the play Out of the closet. The director was earlier this year forced to police interrogation after saboteurs sent in a 15-year-old with false ID documents in the audience, thus stopping the performance under the gay propaganda law for minors. Despite troublesome gray zones, Russian performing arts is blooming, and young, modern creators are attracting lots of audiences to productions that address societal issues.

International festival in Fujairah
The International Monodrama Festival in Fujairah in February have requested suggestions for a Swedish production, we are now investigating who would suit the festival. The arranger is the United Arab Emirates ITI Center, who offer international productions to a local audience, as well as seminars and artistic talks to create understanding and ties across borders. 
European Council meeting
Since out last newsletter we’ve also been to a European Council meeting during the Maribor Theater Festival in Slovenia. Our European Council is one of all regional councils of the International Theater Institute, which is our main organization. We met colleagues from 19 countries and had many thoughtful and lively discussions about cultural policy, gender equality, diversity, LGBTQ +, the conflicts in Turkey, the threat to freedom of expression in Hungary, refugee projects in Switzerland, prison projects in Italy, the social significance of the theater in Belgium and Macedonia among many others. 

We have also this fall had creative days in Tbilisi, where we are working on a project with local partners and our colleagues at the Georgian ITI center. With funding from the Swedish Institute we are striving to strengthen our bonds with different Georgian communities. More info to come!

Come see us in New York, and join the Proud Performing Arts
In January we travel to New York to initiate collaborations between our members and US partners. We participate in APAP, ISPA and Under the Radar, and have good guidance in the conference jungle by Elin Norquist, who after work at the Swedish Arts Council and the Swedish Music Agency, is our consultant. On January 14 we will take our international LGBTQIA network Proud Performing Arts to a further level. We are hosting a long table talk at Scandinavia House, with both American and Swedish participants. The talk is ally inclusive and we direct our work both to organizations who want to take their LGBT+ work further and artists who identify as or work with LGBT+ perspectives. Please get in touch if you want more info on this. We wish you all the best for the holidays and the new year. And remember the best gifts are performing arts experiences!

Photo: From the production “Den sårade divan”, Folkteatern Gävleborg
Photographer: Tomas van der Kaaij


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Newsletter #April and May

At Scensverige – Swedish ITI we declare spring and we’ve got started with things we were waiting for. We have received funding from the Swedish Arts Council for Proud Performing Arts, and are currently planning the program for performing arts and/or seminars at seven festivals – Växjö Pride, Malmö Pride, Stockholm EuroPride, Gothenburg EuroPride, Gävle Pride, Jönköping Qom Ut and Umeå Festival Normal. To EuroPride we have also been commissioned by the Swedish Institute to invite international guests. We have made a global announcement through the International Theater Institute, where we initiated an international workgroup. The group will have its first meeting in Stockholm in August. Please let us know if you or someone you know would like to engage.
The Swedish shows we hope to present come from our member organizations and independent performing arts producers who work actively with LGBT+ perceptive, and the international tracks we currently work with are Georgia, Russia, Spain, Ghana, Finland and the United States.

From the Swedish Institute we have again this year been assigned  together with ASSITEJ to invite international guests to both the Bibu (Biennale for Children and Youngsters) in Helsingborg in May. Be sure to meet these colleagues! Everyday there will be an opportunity to meet the guests informally at “Fika with Bibu”. Over a cup of coffee we talk about the performances of the festival as well as trends and tendencies in the Swedish performing arts. At the time of writing, guests from Latvia, Malawi, Zimbabwe, Namibia, Botswana, Estonia, Turkey, Russia, Moldova, Ukraine, Germany, Pakistan, Belgium and Korea have been confirmed. See Bibu’s website for schedule.
Thursday, May 17th, we also arrange at the Bibu seminar “We´ve really come a long way in Sweden with this LGBT thing, haven´t we?”, Where moderator Joakim Rindå from Riksteatern talks with playwright Isabel Cruz Liljegren, actor Simon Rodriguez, artistic leader from Ögonblickteatern Johanna Salander and artistic leader at the Folkteatern Gävleborg Mattias Brunn on performing arts with HBTQ + perspective aimed at children and young people.
That evening, we invite you to a mingle at Tivoli in Helsingborg where we inform about our activities and arrange a competition for the best idea for seminar/panel talk/ workshop for the Swedish Biennale of Performing Arts. The winner will, together with us, arrange their proposed seminar and get a free biennial pass! The competition will also be posted on Facebook.

The selection committees from the Swedish Biennale of Performing Arts and Swedstage are working intensenly in seeing and discussing performances. There is a lot of interesting shows on Swedish stages right now, and it will be exciting to see what festival program we will get.
We visited Sundsvall last week for the start-up meeting with the Scenkonst Västernorrland Mikael Flodström and our future biennial coordinator Mira Helenius, currently dance director of Norrdans. We are now working on creating a steering group and starting the inventory of theater and seminar rooms in Sundsvall and Härnösand. Save the dates 14-19 May 2019! And of course the Swedstage dates 21-24 October 2018.

On April 5th, I and Björn Wiman from Dagens Nyheter interviewed the Swedish Television culture news regarding visa problems for international guests. Hopefully, they will push this to a higher instance. Swedish ITI wrote its first concrete proposal for a solution to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs already in 2005. The proposal wanted all authorities and embassies to work towards common guidelines instead of an embassy stopping a guest from a certain country that we received money from the Swedish Institute to invite.

Do not miss our annual meeting on 7th of May in Stockholm! At 13:00 to 14:30, the meeting will be held for our council representatives, and after that we open the doors to all interested, as we will arrange a seminar. More info about location and content will come!

Best regards,

Ulricha Johnson
Managing Director Scensverige – Swedish ITI

Foto Peter Knutson

Newsletter #March

The performing arts spring is in full bloom and for those who want to see everything it’s busy these days. Check out the premieres of the month in Sweden here!

We have two important reminders:

1. Do not wait too long to nominate your performance to the The Swedish Biennial for Performing Arts 2019! The selection committee is working hard to see as much as they can around Sweden, make sure that they make it to your show. The Biennial takes place in Sundsvall and Härnösand in May 2019.

2. The call for productions to Swedstage closes on April 15! A large number of foreign bookers and guests come to Stockholm from 21-24 October to see an intense program of Swedish productions for children, young people and adults. Read more about it here.
The Proud Performing Arts program at various Pride Festivals is underway. Through our wide national network and partners, this year we will be able to offer performing arts, seminars och talks with lgbt + perspectives at Pride in Växjö, Malmö, Gävle and Jönköping, as well as EuroPride in Stockholm and Gothenburg! We will also invite a number of international guests with funding from the Swedish Institute.

World Theater Day is celebrated on March 27 worldwide. Every year a message is written by a selected artist, the first being Jean Cocteau in 1962. Since the initiator, our main organization ITI (International Theater Institute), celebrates 80 years this year, it is celebrated with five messages from all continents (defined by UNESCO). Those who wrote this year’s world theater message are Ram Gopal Bajaj (India), Maya Zbib (Lebanon), Simon McBurney (United Kingdom), Sabina Berman (Mexico) and Wêrê Wèrê Liking (Ivory Coast).

Here you can read the messages, translated into 50 different languages. 
The Swedish translations will be posted shortly! If you are in Paris on World Theater Day, there will be a big celebration in the UNESCO building.

Scensveriges annual meeting will take place in Stockholm on the 7th of May, 13-16.30. At the meeting, all the council members who represent our members gather. Among other things, it will be an exciting filling choice on the chairman’s post, and a presentation of our future plans. Just as after the November meeting, we will open the doors for everyone after the first hour. What happens at 14-16.30 is being planned, we will return with location and seminar content!

In May, we will arrange a seminar at Bibu with the heading “Haven´t we come a long way in Sweden with this lgbt-thing?”, where a panel of Isabel Cruz Liljegren, Simon Rodriguez, Johanna Salander and Mattias Brunn will talk about the work of performing arts directed at children and young people, moderated by Joakim Rindå. We will also invite you to a mingle where we repeat the popular concept “Propose a seminar to The Swedish Biennial for Performing Arts and win a free biennial pass”. This year we have again, together with Assitej, been commissioned by the Swedish Institute to invite international guests, come and see them!

Best regards,
Ulricha Johnson
Managing Director Scensverige – Swedish ITI

Foto Peter Knutson

Newsletter #February

A lot going on at Scensverige- Swedish ITI right now!

First of all, we can finally reveal the locations for The Swedish Biennial for Performing Arts 2019: Sundsvall and Härnösand! There we will arrange the biggest performing arts festival in Sweden, 14-19 of May, together with Scenkonst Västernorrland. We are so excited to get to these beautiful and creative cities, where all the possibilities for a grand biennial exist. The selection committee, consisting of Karin Helander, Mario Castro Sepulveda, Signe Landin, Joakim Rindå, Lis Hellström Sveningson, Jan Dzedins, Dritero Kasapi, Anneli Dufva and Nina Björby are currently watching and discussing.

The boards of Scensverige and Assitej have now appointed a selection group for Swedstage. It consists of Anna Berg, Cecilia Suhaid Gustavsson, Anna Håkansson and Bengt Andersson. If you want to propose a performance created in Sweden that is suitable and ready for an international market, do it here. Our fourth edition of Swedstage is taking place in Stockholm on 21-24 October 2018.

At the cultural politics convention Folk och Kultur in Eskilstuna we arranged a panel talk entitled “It’s here, it’s queer – how do we develop performing arts with LGBT+ perspective?” , in which I moderated a conversation focused on children and young people, with Gunilla Hedemo, Pelle Hanaeus and Ossi Niskala.

I will also be part of a panel talk on the cultural political situation in Europe at Örebro Länsteater on February 10, in connection with the performance of “Press Conference” by Harold Pinter. The performance is part of Folk och Kultur, and will be played simultaneously in 23 cities in Sweden, read more about the event here.

Reports from Unesco and Freemuse shows aggravated threats, violence and violations of artistic freedom against artists in the world in 2016. The international survey shows that Iran is the country where the situation is worst. In 2016 nineteen artists were detained and six of them was prosecuted. In addition, several cases of persecution and attacks were reported. After Iran, Turkey, Egypt, Nigeria, China and Russia follow. Unfortunately, we have received frequent reports of worsened situations in several places in 2017, which means that the numbers are likely to rise even more next year. In the beginning of 2018  we received the news of the recent extension of the Russian director Kirill Serebrennikov’s house arrest three months from 19th of January when he was supposed to be released. The strong Metoo movement will likely result in more women reporting sexual harassment, which will raise awareness, and reduce the amount of unrecorded cases. From our Eastern European colleagues, we also get reports of increased political governance of established institutions, leading to a high degree of self-censorship. It’s alarming and something we need to be observant of. Our colleagues also need to know that we see what is happening and that we support them. Read ITI’s Action Committee for Artists Rights newsletter. 

Recently, we send out announcements to all ITI centers around the world to actively join a global group for performing arts with LGBT+ perspectives. The group was initiated by Scensverige at the ITI World Congress this summer, and right now, our skilled project management trainees Katinka Richter and Maja Alasalmi work with these initiatives. At a conference in Brussels this autumn, we met representatives of ILGA Europe (International Lesbian Gay Association) who wants to be part of our network, and at the International APAP Conference in New York in January, we got in contact with a US Trans Gender Forum for performing artists. We’ll be back with more info!

As for the Swedish Pride Performing Arts Network, we are currently looking for ideas and suggestions on productions for this year’s Pride festivals. Read more here (Swedish).

Influence the distribution of EU funds! Scensverige is part of the European network On the Move, which now wants to know what touring artists and organizations need from a new European mobility fund. The survey takes 15 minutes to answer and is available in several languages. The last day of the survey is February 20th. Answer the survey here.

Ulricha Johnson
Managing Director Scensverige – Swedish ITI

Foto Peter Knutson

Newsletter #December

Thank you to all the council members and others who took part in the council meeting and the seminar afternoon at Stockholm Uniarts! Many interesting thoughts, suggestions and reflections on subjects internship, master’s level and residence. Exciting how the residence form is spreading from the dance world (where it’s most common) to several art forms. For the houses that have the opportunity, it is a very rewarding process to open up rehearsal spaces and offer stage technicians and dramaturg support to artists with a production idea that can be tested. Thanks to the Swedish ITI Education Committee that organized the seminars, we aim for an even bigger salon next fall so more people can take part in the event!

In November, the IETM conference was held in Brussels, and I was able to meet with Brussels-based ILGA (International Gay and Lesbian Association) Europe about the coming international network within ITI (International Theater Institute), which we initiated. They were very positive about the idea and would like to help us gain access to their large network, in order to locate and gather performing artists in the HBTQ sphere. At the beginning of next year we will send an open call to all ITI centers around the world, hoping to get international guests to Stockholm and Gothenburg, which this summer host EuroPride.

Next week is the European Council for all European ITI centers. We will talk about how we can further enable cross-border cooperation, and how our organization can be a driving party.

The year is coming to an end, and we want to give an extra welcome all new members! Those who have become members this year are:
Big Wind, Centrum för scenisk rörelse och eget skapande, Figurteaterkompaniet, Göteborgs dans- och teaterfestival, Karavan Scenkonstkollektiv, Kompani Giraff, Kulturakademin Trappan, Operalabb, Operaimprovisatörerna, Stockholm Fringe Festival, Teater Martin Mutter, Teater Tribunalen and Teresia Björk.

We have just launched this years performing arts quiz, in which no one so far has managed to get everything right. If you understand Swedish, please give it a try!

Newsletter #September

Fall season at last!

Not a day goes by without some of our members announcing their packed, challenging, inspiring and unpredictable programs. Not to mention all the exciting courses, seminars and training opportunities that are announced. Now it’s our painful luxury problem to try to catch everything before it’s too late. My tip is to be on full speed already in September because more and more premiers are coming.

Scensverige – Swedish ITI is a member’s organization where both institutions, city theaters, national theatres, independent producers, universities, unions, festivals, alliances and employer’s organizations are members. Each member appoints its representatives to the Council, meeting in the spring for the annual meeting and the autumn of the Council meeting. At the autumn council meeting it is common for the Education Committee to arrange a seminar or panel call etc. In the autumn we will try something new. Instead of just organizing a seminar for council members, we will open the doors of everyone who is attached to any member, ie everyone in the staff, the ensembles, the students, and others after the short council meeting. The event will take place in Stockholm on November 27th, with the preliminary time 2-4 pm. We will get back with venue and program information, but be sure to book the date! The subject will be very relevant and the Education Committee represents all the artistic universities in the country. We are planning to place these council meetings in cities other than Stockholm in the future, so do not despair if it’s too far for you to go this time. Here you can see all our members.

We are very pleased that we have had Kompani Giraff, Karavan Performing Arts Collective, Culture Academy Trappan, Opera Improvisers, Theater Tribunal and Theater Martin Mutter welcome as new members!

Scensverige’s network Proud Performance, for performing arts with LGBT perspective, is currently investigating different ways of informing and mobilizing to facilitate both practitioners and bookers to find and learn from each other. There is a Facebook group that you can apply to join if you want to find shows to see or book, or look for artistic collaborators for your next project. The group was formerly known as the HBTQ Network of Riksteatern, but has now changed name to Stolt Scenkonst, and is moderated by me and Joakim Rindå of Riksteatern. Unfortunately, if you don’t read Swedish you will need to run things through a translation program.

As I mentioned in the last newsletter, Scensverige – Swedish ITI is going to be contact center for LGBT performing arts of global ITI. We will soon take the first steps in organizing the beginning of this work group/network. All ITI centers will be contacted, but please don´t hesitate to contact me if you want to.

Best wishes for a creative autumn,

Ulricha Johnson
Managing Director Scensverige – Swedish ITI



Newsletter #August

What a wonderful and important summer!
Thank you everyone who enlightened our summer with performing arts around the world. You are creating so many different experiences while defying bad weather and in some cases uncertain financing is so valuable. Not least you attract many first-time visitors to shows and make them curious about the enchanted world of performing arts. Right now there are plenty of rehearsals in all kinds of venues in preparation of the fall season.

Scensverige is the Swedish Center of ITI (International Theater Institute), which was founded by Unesco in 1948. In July, the 35th World Congress was held in the Unesco World Heritage City of Segovia, Spain. This was my first congress as new Managing Director. The theme was Act! Performing Arts Transforming the World, and present were representatives from over 62 countries attending general meetings, committee meetings, regional annual meetings, workshops, talks and performances. It was a thrilling experience to sit in the old abbey, now university auditorium, and listen to colleagues from countries with completely different conditions and realities, both better and worse than ours.

Scensverige’s former, now retired, head of operations/secretary general Ann Mari Engel (picture), who has worked with ITI since 1976, was honoured for her work in the Executive Council, and now bears the title Honorary Member. In her new role, she will, among other things, continue to be active in the Action Commitee for Artist’s Rights.

A new board was elected, consisting of members from the United Arab Emirates, the United States, Italy, China, Burkina Faso, Sudan, Germany, India, Russia, Slovenia, Spain, Switzerland and Vietnam. More about the board members here.

A troubling development in many places around the world right now is that politicians are engaging in detail management of art. Several countries in Europe, Africa and South America gave fresh testimonies on the subject. Our colleague from Israel wanted support from ITI regarding worrying restrictions that hamper the Israeli artists. This year, the well-established theater festival in Acco was cancelled because of performances that were not accepted by the authorities.

New global network of performing arts with a LGBTQ perspective
Our American colleague Jorge Ortoll, responsible for the Network for Heritage, Indigenous Cultures & Migration, raised the question as to why there is no spotlight on LGBTQ issues in ITI. Scensverige decided to form a working group on a global network of performing arts with a LGBTQ perspective. The interest is great from many countries to be active in this group, which will cooperate with some of the committees.

“Proud Performing Arts” is getting bigger
We are thrilled to see the Scensverige investment in Proud Performing Arts spreading and generating curiosity and enthusiasm. Last year we tested the concept during Stockholm Pride, and this year we already have a national network that currently consists of Scensverige, Folkteatern Gävleborg, Regionteatern Blekinge Kronoberg, Dansstationen i Malmö, Riksteatern, Stockholms Stadsteater Skärholmen, Unga Klara, Norrlandsoperan and West Pride. During Stockholm Pride we had guest performances from DonnaDonna from Malmö (The shall find us together), Teater Martin Mutter from Örebro (Article 3), Folkteatern Gävleborg (Transaction, upper right picture) and Riksteatern / Folkteatern Gävleborg (The Land Within). We had many worthwhile collaborations over these five days; The Stadsteatern Skärholmen organized an evening of readings, panel talks and an excerpt from the upcoming performance “Getting rid of Eddy”, Unstraight Museum and Lesbisk Makt arranged an daytime party with music, poetry slam, readings and dancing, together with Lesbisk Makt we also organized “Lesbian Brunch & Queer Drama”, including readings of excerpts from five newly written, upcoming works, Nilleteatern organized the panel talk “Trans on stage”, Riksteatern “It’s here it’s queer”, RFSL/RFSU held after talks and the Norm Critical Workgroup of the Theatre Union held a dragking workshop. We also arranged a celebrated stand-up evening with, among others, British comedian Bethany Black.

Thanks to all the organizations and members involved, thank you Fri Scen and Unga Klara for letting us use your premises, and thanks to the Arts Council and Stockholm City and Malmö City for the foundation.

The following week Proud Stage Art in Malmö Pride was held, with Dansstationen as the host and Chris Schenlaer as project manager. Among the performances were “The Land Within”, as well as July Appons “Life is Hard and Then You Die – Part 3” and “Everything remains”. The performance “Gender Fuck(er)”, vogue ball with House of Ninja and a conversation with Saga Becker and Yolanda Bohm, as well as workshop with RFSL, Drag Queen Story Hour and the launch ceremony at the Blå Båten was included in this three-day program.
Now we go on to Stolt Scenkonst on Gävle Pride, here you can see the program.

Enjoy the last sun before we finally meet in the dark theaters again!

Kind regards,
Ulricha Johnson, Managing Director Scensverige