Swedstage 2012 took place in November 18-20 in Stockholm, Sweden

During the three days, we presented 11 handpicked Swedish performances of the highest quality for children, youth and adults. We also made a presentation of contemporary Swedish drama and arranged oppertunities for the international guests to meet Swedish producers and learn more about the Swedish performing arts.

Bartolomeo – Carrasco Dance Company

Charlies unge – Pantomimteatern
Fröken Julie – Strindbergs Intima Teater and Anna Pettersson
SCUM Manifestet – Turteatern and CP – Counterforce Produktion
Bollen, Lampan och Bilen – Teater Tre
Expectations – Gothenburg English Studio Theatre
Wear it like a crown – Cirkus Cirkör
C – The Royal Dramatic Theatre
Flygräddare – Unga Klara and Riksteatern
Nils Holgersson – Västanå Teater
Önskekonsert – Riksteatern och Siris Originella Teater