Colleagues in crisis

An important part of Scensveriges mission is to prioritize and shred light on questions concerning freedom of expression. We do this by supporting performance artists who live in conflict zones/are threatened by oppression or persecution, by using our broad network to help those who want to come to Sweden, or for creating a new context for those who live in Sweden in exile. How can we join forces together with our members to help in the best way?

Through our platform Colleagues in Crisis, we are trying to answer that question and take immidiate action. The platform as well as Scensverige stands for dialogue, cultural exchange, cooperation, understanding and peace.

Through Colleagues in Crisis, we wish to create a digital space for initiatives, links and recommendations. We hope that its a platform used by our members in Sweden who can offer resources, as well as by performing artists who are outside Sweden’s borders and want to come here. We are constantly thinking of new and better ways to mobilize forces and encourage our members to take initiatives, come together and offer their resources. Another important part of our work is also to spread newly translated plays from countries in war, or from countries where the freedom of speech is under threat. And also, of course, to encourage translations.

Get in touch with us if you have ideas, wish to share information or need help taking an idea or project further.

You’ll find us at:

Photo: Alena Grom, Its a mad, mad world at Rikstolvan, 2023

Ongoing initiatives

Konstepidemin in Gothenburg, Recidency, studios, platform 
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Rikstolvan, an artmuseum at Österlen in the south part of Sweden turned into a hub for Ukrainian culture during spring 2022 and is currently looking for Ukrainian translators, cultural workers and performance artists who are interested in a residency starting in August 2022. Send an email to for more info.

– Årsta Folkets – EXILE
Platform for Ukrainian refugees and artists/culture workers in exile in Årsta south of Stockholm. 
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Worldwide Ukrainian Play Readings



Are you an artist/culture worker/performance artist looking for a Swedish residency?

Or do you have the opportunity to offer work, internship, residence or housing for a performance artist living under threat or in exile?

Register with SWAN (Swedish Artist Residency Network). Or as a host organization at Artists at risk.

Upcoming events in Sweden:

Residency in Stockholm

Read about Stockholm Fristad, a recidency for persecuted and threatened cultureworkers from all over the world, situated in Stockholm.

Fristad Stockholm


ITI Action Committee for artistic rights (Germany) Ukrainian Cultural Foundation New program at UNESCO to help Ukrainian artists in exile/under threat.

Job offers, residences, and more for Performing Arts professionals in exile (Germany) Stay on stage


Video – Create or decrease Conversation about threats and freedom of speech from Swedstage 2020.

Video – International Testimonials Testimony regarding the situation for performing artists in Sweden and in the world from a freedom of expression perspective. Gathered during Swedstage 2020.

Movie: Unavailable by Nikon Romanchenko

Film: No obvious signs by Alina Gorlova

Film: The world is blue as an orange by Iryna Tsilik