The Swedish Biennial for Performing Arts

Welcome to The Swedish Biennial for Performing Arts

Every second year we produce Scenkonstbiennalen, The Swedish Biennial for Performing Arts, with one of the country’s professional theatres as a host. Scenkonstbiennalen is Sweden’s largest festival for performing arts and is an important gathering place for those working within the profession. For international visitors it also serves as a window into the world of Swedish performing arts.

Next edition will take place in Sundsvall and Härnösand,
14 – 19 th of May 2019

Scenkonstbiennalen offers a selection of the greatest performances within Swedish theatre, music theatre and dance. To be selected for the Biennial is considered a great honour and an affirmation of artistic quality and/or ground-breaking form.

The festival also includes student productions and international guest performances as well as a variety of seminars, workshops, meetings, parties and much more.

The full program will be presented in March 2019.

For questions regarding the international presence at next years biennial please contact our international co-ordinator, Brita Osafo,