Scendatabasen, The Swedish Database for Theatre, Dance and Opera began its documentation of the professional performing arts in Sweden in the autumn of 2006. Since 1966 we have compiled and published Månadens premiärer, a monthly publication of upcoming premieres that has served as a major source of information on contemporary Swedish performing arts. This is now part of the Database. The Database began as a project funded by The National Council for Cultural Access and continues with support from The Swedish Arts Council.

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Searchable information

Records of almost every stage performance produced in Sweden since 2007 are contained in the Database, which also serves as a monthly calendar of upcoming premieres. Theatres, producers and independent companies submit information each month. Here one may seek information about productions, playwrights, composers, performers, theatre companies, dance companies, mime troupes, new circus and performance art. One may also for example search a particular opening night. We have also made it possible to research the number of women and men in any profession documented by the Database.

Women and men in the performing arts

Our documentation provides a basis for all sorts of statistics. We regularly produce statistics on the ratio of men to women in the performing arts sector in order chart the progress of gender equality reforms. Based on information provided by the Database we have extracted statistical data for two publications about Women and Men in the Performing Arts in Sweden.