Åsa Lindholm

Åsa Lindholm (born 1975) is a playwright, dramaturg, director, and performer. Educated at the University College of Film, Radio, Television, and Theatre in Stockholm, she is currently a dramaturg at Kulturhuset Stadsteatern (Stockholm City Theatre). She has previously worked as a dramaturg at Gothenburg City Theatre and Uppsala City Theatre, as well as artistic director at Teater Tribunalen.

She has written and/or directed for Stockholm City Theatre, Gothenburg City Theatre, Unga Klara, The Royal Dramatic Theatre, Folkoperan, Riksteatern, Radioteatern, and Östgötateatern, among others. Her plays have been translated into German, Norwegian, English, Romanian, Chinese, and Turkish. She has also worked with performance art in personal projects at Teater Tribunalen and with the Danish performance artist SIGNA. She received the Ikaros Prize in 2006 for the radio production Ett perfekt liv (A Perfect Life), was nominated for the Nordisk Dramatikerpris in 2010 for her play Omflickorkundedöda (Ifgirlscouldkill), and received the Henning Mankell Scholarship in 2017 and the Swedish Ibsen Society Prize in 2020. A production of her play Snubben lättar på sitt hjärta (The dude opens up) was selected for SPAC´s Swedish Biennial for Performing Arts 2019.

Ifgirlscouldkilla horror comedy for teens/young adults
Reality is chafing at Tam, Mary Lou, and Anna, three childhood friends. They’re young adults now, but a dark secret from their childhood keeps them from stepping into the future. Ticking time-bombs, they try to hold themselves and their relationships together, but the darkness is seeping in from all directions, through old children’s rhymes and fairy-tale creatures, and soon it’s impossible to tell fantasy from reality. 

Tam cries all the time, but she doesn’t know why, and her young son Svante seems to be depressed. Mary Lou is called Wood Nymph but feels like a blank sheet of paper that anyone can write on. Anna calls herself Fat Girl and has isolated herself out of self-hatred ever since her autobiographical debut novel became a success, even as everyone expects a brilliant follow-up. A girlfriend with anger issues and a self-absorbed blind date guy become triggers for an explosive atmosphere.

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