Creating new opera with an inclusive approach

Shanghai – a new opera

Arranged by GöteborgsOperan and ShareMusic & Performing ArtsLouis De Geer Konsert & Kongress
Thursday May 25, 15:00-15:45In 2015, GöteborgsOperan and ShareMusic & Performing Arts embarked on a bold venture: to commission and stage an opera with an artistic team and cast comprising disabled and non-disabled artists. The result is Shanghai, a new opera.

Our aim is to share tools and approached we’ve used in making Shanghai, concrete examples of how we’ve worked, from casting to creating to rehearsing. We also invite you to join an important conversation about inclusive artistic approaches, opera and music theatre.With:
Line Tjørnhøj, composer
Erik Fägerborn, librettist
Stephen Langridge, director and Head of opera/drama at GöteborgsOperan
Sophia Alexandersson, CEO and artistic director at ShareMusic & Performing Arts
Hanna Griffiths, Head of Learning and Participation at GöteborgsOperan
Artists from Shanghai