Dare to wreck

Dare to Wreck/Skånes dansteater

Foto: David Thibel

Dare to Wreck is a dynamic and emotional exploration of a relationship. It deals with aspects of allowing yourself to meet someone while at the same time also having the courage to leave.

The duet was originally conceived as part of the longer Skanes Dansteater performance C me (choreographed by Caroline Bowditch and Melody Putu) for dancers with and without disabilities. Peder Nilsson and Madeleine Månsson have expanded this duet to an independent work.

In November 2016 Dare to Wreck was one of the finalists in the choreography competition IFMC in Belarus. The duet was performed at the Danceable festival in The Hague 2017 and at the Holland Dance Festival’s opening ceremony in January 2018.



”Tender, passionate, /…/ explosive aggression” /Kristianstadsbladet

“incredible dynamic” /Skanska Dagbladet

“Breakneck changes; distance and proximity, tenderness and rage.” /Sydsvenskan

Choreography: Madeleine Månsson, Peder Nilsson
Music: Gert Østergaard Pedersen
Dancers: Madeleine Månsson, Peder Nilsson