Exclusive pitch & excerpt PotatoPotato

Photo: Anders Ahlgren

PotatoPotato is part of the Swedstage program presenting a pitch and a 30 min excerpt from FIGHT.

Sharp mouths, hoarse voices, bad moods and a bluegrass band. FIGHT is a four-hour-long quarrel between four actors. FIGHT embodies all phases of the quarrel, all qualities and actions. FIGHT is four hours of catharsis without peripeteia, an eternal lingering disagreement. FIGHT revolves around the very core of the drama – the conflict. Listen to the sound track here!

PotatoPotato is a contemporary theatre company that produced over 300 original pieces since 2008.

On stage: Mattias Lech, Jenny Möller Jensen, Karin Foladi, Jessie Lewis Skoglund’
Director: Freja Hallberg
Playwright: Freja Hallberg and the cast
Costume: Freja Hallberg and the cast
Light design: Froste Myrin 
Set design: Freja Hallberg and the cast
Music/sound: Freja Hallberg and the cast
Producer: PotatoPotato Sthlm
Target group: adults
Duration: 4 hours

With support from: Statens Kulturråd, Sveriges Författarfond, Region Skåne, Malmö Stad, Stockholm Stad, Region Stockholm.

Freja Hallberg, director, 0046707875253,