(I huvudet på Alfhild Agrell)

I huvudet på Alfhild Agrell/Teater Västernorrland

Foto: Lia Jacobi & iStockphoto.com

I huvudet på Alfhild Agrell (Inside the head of Alfhild Agrell), is a free fantasy about the bakers’ daughter from Härnösand who became one of the most appreciated playwrights of her time.

Contemporary with August Strindberg and Henrik Ibsen, Agrell was despite the tough competition the most frequently played dramatist at the Royal Dramatic Theatre in Stockholm in the 1880s. She wrote of topics close to her heart, such as women’s liberation and the right to an independent life. Inside the head of Alfhild Agrell moves between dream and reality, where Alfhild meets both Strindberg and Ibsen as well as Ellen Key and Victoria Benediktsson. Through her eyes we see excerpts from her plays and remember the successes, but also her struggles as a female writer who had to face strong criticism and opposition. Above all, the play depicts Agrell’s irrepressible passion for writing, her longing for success and never giving up on her dreams.

Script: Therese Söderberg
Director: Dag Norgård
Cast: Anita Nyman, Helena Svartling, Kaj Ahlgren, Gisela Nilsson, Åke Arvidsson
Set design: Anna Asker
Mask design: Birgitta Rasmusson
Costume design Karin Sundvall
Motion design: Aleksandra Czarnecki Plaude
Music: Eva Sidén