It’s here, it’s queer – Panel discussion at Folk och kultur 2018

Panel discussion at Folk och kultur, 7 February 2018

It’s here, it’s queer

How do we develop performing arts with LGBTQ + perspective?

Most stage performers, large and small, cultural politicians and audiences agree that representation is needed on stage and that LGBTQ + is one of the perspectives that needs to be raised. But what investments are being made? What does the field of performing arts with LGBTQ + perspective look like today? Is it easier or more difficult to raise the LGBTQ + perspective if the production is aimed at children and young people? And why is it at all important with performing arts where LGBTQ + is included?

In a conversation based on the panel’s experiences and broad knowledge, we discuss representation and reaction, resistance and opportunities and dream forward during the cultural policy convention Folk och Kultur in Eskilstuna.

Ossi Niskala is the director and choreographer behind Teater Tres’ famous Eli & Rio. A performance aimed at 3-6 year olds where identity issues and gender roles are highlighted through dresses, mustaches and other coded clothes. How are we affected by what we choose to wear? Eli & Rio has received fantastic reviews and is the only Swedish production selected for the Italian LGBTQ festival Teatro Acrobaleno (“Rainbow Theater”)

Gunilla Edemo freelances as a playwright, educator and writer and has, among other things, drawn attention to the university project “Shaping gender” and “Queer pedagogical network” in the back. Most recently, Gunilla has directed the improvisational show “Hetero – improvised humor for heterosexuals and their friends”.

Pelle Hanaeus is an actor, director and educator who has long conducted workshops and training in gender and norm criticism in theater. During the 2000s, Pelle KUNQ started and ran, the then only existing theater group for young LGBTQ + people. He has also been the artistic director of Regionteater Väst, which has actively worked long-term with these perspectives.

Ulricha Johnson is the director of the Swedish performing arts coalition and initiator of the national network Proud Performing Arts and the international working group Proud Performing Arts, with the aim of increasing supply and spreading performing arts productions with LGBTQ + perspective. Ulricha will moderate the conversation.