My Heart Says: Live, Scream, Breathe

Unga Klara

Photo: Jenny Baumgartner

This is a performance in two separate acts about children who cannot trust adults. It tells the story of Antigone, who boldly challenges the king’s law, and 13-year-old Artemis, who is the worst girl in the world.

Directed by Unga Klara’s artistic leaders Farnaz Arbabi and Gustav Deinoff.

Act 1: My Heart Says:
Antigone knows she is right. She also knows that the strict King Creon will not agree and that defying him will bring severe punishment. Despite this, she is determined to follow her heart, no matter the consequences.

Written and directed by Farnaz Arbabi, this story is based on Sophocles’ Greek drama Antigone.

Act 2: Live, Scream, Breathe
13-year-old Artemis is labeled the worst girl in the world, though in reality, she isn’t. Adults say so because of her fiery temper. Isolated and misunderstood, we follow her closely in a play where tenderness and rebellion are deeply intertwined.

Written by Erik Uddenberg and directed by Gustav Deinoff, this story draws inspiration from a real Swedish case of a girl who was forcibly confined against her will.

Unga Klara, founded in 1975 by director Suzanne Osten, is a theatre focused on the conditions of children and young people through world-renowned explorative dramatic arts. Independent since 2009, it combines serious topics with playful forms, ensuring high artistic quality for young audiences. Artistic Directors Farnaz Arbabi and Gustav Deinoff continue this mission. In 2018, Unga Klara was designated a national assignment for youth and children by Sweden’s Ministry of Culture.

On stage: Hanna Elffors Elfström, Andrea Falk, Zoe Franzén Lakides, Rebecca Gorwat, Mia Helenelund, Fabian Lexner, Gloria Manzeyi, Sandra Medina, Karolina Mindell Kidanu, Louise Norlin, Hedda Paulsen, Björn Sahlin, Linnea Sidén Rosberg och Anna-Jackelin Thell
Director: Farnaz Arbabi (Act 1) and Gustav Deinoff (Act 2)
Choreographer: BamBam Frost
Playwright: Mitt hjärta säger: (act 1) by Farnaz Arbabi, based on Sofokle’s Antigone.
Lev, skrik, andas (act 2) by Erik Uddenberg
Costume: Matilda Hyttsten
Light design: Anna Wuotila
Set design: Jenny Kronberg
Music/sound: Maria Bergström
Producer: Sara Fors
Target group: Recommended from 7 years
Duration: 1h 55 min including intermission
Contact: Felicia Ivarsson, communicator, (+46)73-958 56 89