People respect me now

People Respect Me Now

Lumor & TurteaternVärmekyrkan
Friday May 26, 19:00-22:05
Saturday May 27, 16:00-19:05
Sunday May 28, 12:30-15:35No one had picked up on the signals. A faltering community is trying to come to terms with a terrible event, in a world where emotions are not allowed to be felt and dreams do not come true. Through interrogations, conversations and diaries, we are able to peek in at the everyday lives of the perpetrators, a few unsuspecting weeks before catastrophe struck.

The beloved music teacher, the tough guy at school, the soccer dad and the school outsider are the protagonists in this newly written play about power, violence and everyday evil. It is based on interviews and personal accounts.

Having previously focused on the story of the victim in the plays, Materia – Jag är inte Linda Lovelace and Hon finns inte med på fotografiet, the performance company Lumor are now investigating the inner and outer world of the perpetrator.

In People Respect Me Now, it is left to the audience members themselves to piece together what did or did not happen, who is responsible, who is free and what might be about to happen…

Photo: Freja Lindberg

By: Paula Stenström Öhman
Director: Paula Stenström Öhman
Stage and lighting design: Markus Granqvist
Composition and sound design: Saemundur Grettisson
Song/text: Kajsa Grytt
Costum designer: Jenny Nordmark
Cast: Sandra Huldt, Eva Rexed, Oskar Thunberg and Lars Bringås