Rite of Spring


Photo: Viola Depcik

A playground lost in (dys)function, (dis)order and earplugs. A leftover tarp and a rake without a handle, and a bunch of other everyday objects share space with the three dancers trying to execute a very accurate version of The Rite of Spring.

A great classic, reformulated by Norrdans’ Artistic Director Martin Forsberg. This creation is a macrocosm in a small space, where scales, volume and vibrations take center stage. The beauty finds its place next to the sublime, and the captivating next to the distorted. The dance comes dangerously close and the grand notes of composer Stravinsky manifest in a small but explosive ensemble, a form of rebellious playfulness and total lack of sacrifice.

We are Norrdans.
We are dance artists and we invite you to experience.
We are the best mix of nordic and international from the middle of Sweden in
Härnösand we sprinkle our art ALL OVER.
We dance, move, sense, touch, listen, dream, experiment.
We meet the old, the young, the schools, the politicians, the king and queen, the
lost souls, the dance virgins, your parents, the dance nerds, the fans, the haters
and we do all that we can for you to meet some dance.
We don’t care if you are 2 or 3000 in the audience.
We just keep asking, what is dance today?

On stage: Alberte Buch Gøbel, Jernej Bizjak, William Säfström
Choreographer, costume, light and set design: Martin Forsberg
Artistic Partner and Rehearsal Director: Marco Herløv Høst
Music/sound: Igor Stravinskij
Producer: Norrdans
Target group: 7-100 years
34 min

Contact: Sara Selmros, Producer, 0046 730 54 90 27, sara.selmros@norrdans.se