Sara Stridsberg

Sara Stridsberg (born 1972) is one of Sweden’s most prominent authors and playwrights. Her big breakthrough came in 2006, with the novel Drömfakulteten (The Faculty of Dreams), which was awarded the Nordic Council Literature Prize and nominated for the prestigious Man Booker International Prize when it was released in England and the United States in 2019. Today her novels have been translated into 25 different languages. Sara Stridsberg’s plays have been presented on the great stages of Sweden, and also abroad; these include, among others: Medealand, Dissekering av ett snöfall (Dissection of a Snowfall), American Hotel, and Konsten att falla (The Art of Falling). In 2016 she was elected into the Swedish Academy, a position she left in April 2018. She has received the Selma Lagerlöf Prize, the Swedish Radio Novel Prize, the Aftonbladet Literature Prize, the Aniara Prize, the Gustaf Fröding Scholarship, the Dobloug Prize, and De Nios Winter Prize, among others, and has been nominated for the August Prize five times. She has also translated works for the theater by Sarah Kane, Sam Sheppard, and Sarah Ruhl, among others. Her new plays Sårad Ängel (Wounded Angel) and Förbannelsen (The Curse) will premiere at the Royal Dramatic Theatre and Stockholm City Theatre in 2021.

The refugee Medea, who has left everything behind for love, finds herself in a psychiatric unit as she awaits deportation from her husband’s homeland. From the bottom of the world, she turns to the country’s king for permission to stay, and as she waits for Jason to come back to her she becomes increasingly frightened for herself. Next to her is her dead mother, and soon also her dead children, as well as a goddess who plays the role of psychiatrist and who is, in the end, the one to push her over the edge.

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