Älskarinnorna/Uppsala City Theatre

Photo: Fredrika Eriksson

When Anja Suša and the ensemble take on Elfriede Jelinek, it’s an actor’s party without limits. Body fluids spray and loose body parts are thrown around as if there were no tomorrow. Älskarinnorna is a production that writhes and fizzes with rebelliousness. By throwing themselves headfirst into and out of the pointed characters, the actors twist the staged patriarchal structures into something so absurd and laughable that we can’t help but laugh in their faces.

Motivation of the selection jury

Two young women. One from the country, one from the city. Two factory workers. They dream of a bigger life, a different life. Is the only way out a marriage? Nobel Prize-winning author Elfriede Jelinek’s novel ‘The Lovers’ is set in an Austria characterised by the legacy of Nazism.

The Mistresses of 1975 is a novel that still burns despite decades of feminism, written at a time of conservative currents. Jelinek’s celebrated text pierces the reader like a spear.

In the story of the women’s pursuit of happiness, there is also a we, a we that stands by and contributes to the condemnation of their distorted dreams.

By Elfriede Jelinek
Translation Aimée Delblanc
Dramatisation Tom Silkeberg
Director Anja Suša
Stage design Helga Bumsch
Costume Maja Mirkovic
Choreography Damjan Kecojevic
Composer Andreas Huumonen
Dramaturge Marie Persson Hedenius
Animations Vivien Reis
Light Mats Öhlin
Mask Maja Mirkovic
Participants: Jennifer Amaka Pettersson, Anna Carlson, Lolo Elwin, Moa Silén, Natalie Sundelin

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