2023 is a very special year..

..for the Swedish Performing Arts Biennial as it marks the festival’s 30th anniversary. It will return to where it all started in 1993, the Royal Dramatic Theatre in Stockholm. The festival will take place from May 30th to June 4th, and promises to be a fantastic celebration of Sweden’s vibrant performing arts scene

Selected productions 2023

The Swedish Performing Arts Biennial

2023/05/30 09.00-10:30SkeppsholmsstudionMeet choreographer Helena FranzénWith 35 years of experience as a choreographer and dancer, Helena Franzén’s works and movement practices emphasize movement, spatiality, poetry, and musicality. Join her Embodied Awareness workshop, a dance encounter where she shares her passion for what movement can communicate.
2023/05/30 10.00-15:00DramatenMeet the Actors of the Future! (drop-in)In a series of short films, actors graduating from theater schools in the spring of 2023 introduce themselves. More information and contact details are available in connection with the films. The films will be shown throughout the Biennale.”
2023/05/30 10.00-11:00Stockholms Konstnärliga HögskolaArtistic Crossings – Broadening or Diluting Education?The Stockholm University of Arts will start working on creating a new organization with only two institutions in 2023. One institution will include stage performers such as dancers, opera singers, actors, and circus artists, while the other will focus on film and media education as well as stage art-related fields like design, directing, producing, technical coordination, and drama. The aim is to make it easier for future students to meet other stage performers during their education. However, will this lead to a broadening or a thinning of knowledge and skills? Anders Larsson moderates a discussion with teachers at SKH on what this means for the different programs.
2023/05/30 10.00-17:00Who Wrote That…? Guess the Playwright! (drop-in)The Center for Dramatic Arts participates in the Scenkonstbiennalen with a video installation that highlights the drama, the text behind what is performed on stage, and the playwright behind the words.

With the installation, we aim to contribute to discussions about contemporary drama and the performing arts.

All play excerpts are written by playwrights who are members of the Center for Dramatic Arts. Can you guess who and which play?”
2023/05/30 11.00-12:00Dramaten huvudentrénBehind the scenes – a tour of Dramaten (tour 1)Tour Dramaten’s secret corridors and time layers with Dag Kronlund, former head of Dramaten’s archive and library, who has extensive knowledge of the house.
2023/05/30 11.00-17:00ScenkonstmuseetFree Admission to the Performing Arts Museum (drop-in)Great news! The Swedish Museum of Performing Arts opens its doors wide open! If you have a biennial pass, you can enter the entire museum for free from May 30 to June 4, open from 11 am to 5 pm. You can find us just across the street from Dramaten at Sibyllegatan 2. Show your pass at the entrance when you arrive. You are warmly welcome – as many times as you like!
2023/05/30 11.00-17:00DansmuseetDance Film as Public Art (drop-in)The Dance Film Festival was founded by Benedikte Esperi in Gothenburg and has quickly established itself both nationally and internationally. The intention is to create opportunities for choreographers, dancers, and filmmakers who produce dance films. Instagram @dansfilmfestivalen.
2023/05/30 11.00-14:00DansmuseetMore Dance for the People / Dance Break (drop-in)DANSPAUS is a year-long outreach dance film odyssey where choreographers and dancers Jannine Rivel and Amanda Billberg present nine dance films by as many choreographers and groups. DANSPAUS aims to share dance film as an art form and open up for spontaneous conversations about dance.

How does dance take up space in relation to the people moving in a public place, in the parking lot of a local square, or where the encounter with dance happens randomly in the midst of everyday activities? How does the film feel in my body? How does it make me move? How do my thoughts dance?

The nine dance films are shown on tablets and listened to through headphones. The focus of the project is to allow the encounter with dance to offer a break, an opportunity for reflection, and a space for the body to feel.

DANSPAUS forms a montage of nine dance films that exhibit a wide range of artistic expressions and styles. The films are created by nine professionally active choreographers and groups: Dorotea Saykaly and Emil Dam Seidel with the film echo – the mechanics of our solitude, Gabriella Engdahl with the film Silk Paper and Bruises, Jenny Larsson with the film My Body is Made of Water, KolKo-KollektivKompaniet with the film Everybody´s Space, Malika Lamwersiek and Libert Bucher with the film within all, which passed, Minna Elif Wendin with the film NOKA, Moncef Henaien with the film Lavishé, Paloma Madrid with the film Pato Negro, and Rebecca Evanne with the film MOD.

Welcome to take a DANSPAUS!
2023/05/30 12.00-12:45Dramaten TornrummetRunning an International Theater Company in ParisMarcus Lindeen, a director and playwright, and French-Swedish dramaturge and translator Marianne Ségol-Samoy run the theatre company Wild Minds in Paris. Last fall, they premiered “La trilogie des identités,” consisting of the plays “Orlando et Mikael” (based on Marcus’ first play “Ångrarna”), “Wild Minds,” and “L’Aventure invisible” (The Invisible Adventure). The plays have been performed at the Festival d’Automne in Paris, Wiener Festwochen, Schaubühne in Berlin, and Piccolo Teatro in Milan, where Marcus has been one of five international house directors for the past year. The seminar will focus on the artistic process of creating the trilogy, as well as the experience of running a theatre company in France, where the importance of both national and international networks for tours and co-productions differs from Sweden.
2023/05/30 12.00-13:15Dramaten DramatenbarenPresentation of a new cultural policy report by Come ScenkonstASSITEJ Sweden’s report “Does it play a smaller role?” showed that access to performing arts experiences in schools for children and young people is unequal. The new report “Kom Scenkonst” investigates and analyzes the current distribution in six municipalities at a local level. 
2023/05/30 12.30-15:00Unga Klara Burn (fst 1)This is the story about when a single event changes life forever. It’s the story of a friendship so strong it becomes dangerous. About teenagers who are locked up and isolated – and about the fire that is an untamed force inside and outside of oneself. Agni and Evvi do everything together. They’re twin stars. They live in a home for teenage girls and together they create a fantasy world with their own rules that go against society. One day they go, just too far and life is never the same again. BRINN is a story about girls who are bigger than the world. About the necessary rebellion, and when everything goes wrong. An explosive and sad performance that swings between humor and darkness.
2023/05/30 13.00-13:45Dramaten MålarsalenAFTER #metooDiscussion on how the #metoo movement impacted our field by raising awareness of work processes, hierarchies, and gender roles. The conversation explores the role of directors and the visible and invisible work of employers.
2023/05/30 13.00-13:45Dramaten TornrummetA classical co-production?Claire Parsons’ performance “Lilla Svansjön” was created for Young Dramaten in Stockholm, with its premiere on November 23, 2018 at Lejonkulan. After its run, it was reworked to be able to tour and had a new premiere in the spring of 2021.

Since its premiere, “Lilla Svansjön” has performed xxx shows in Sweden and 10 international performances, in Finland at the Hurraa! Festival 2022 and in Belgium at the Krokus Festival 2023.

In this conversation, Lisen Andersson, producer at Dramaten, and Lena Yngvesson, producer at Claire Parsons Co., meet to talk about this co-production between a free group and an institution. They share their experiences and reveal the big benefits of collaborating and taking advantage of each other’s expertise and resources in different areas.
2023/05/30 13.00-15:00Dramaten DramatenbarenClimate Salon – Inspiration for sustainability in performing artsHow can we create impactful communication to drive change? Storytelling expert and consultant Katrice Horsley will guide us in exploring this question through narrative techniques.
2023/05/30 14.00-14:45Dramaten Målarsalen The theater’s lack of trust in dramaThe state of drama:

Few plays, almost none, are issued by publishers. New dramatic texts are not highly valued in theater, it is rather the ensemble and the directors’ positions that are strengthened in the artistic process. A new play is rarely used two theaters – after the premiere, the text is considered out of date. Why is this so?

At the same time, more and more theaters are playing adaptations of both books and films. After the pandemic, the stages are hoping for the big success. So why isn’t there trust in the art form, why this suspicion against drama, why this lack of interest in Swedish new written narratives for the theater?

A conversation with Berit Gullberg, Isabel Cruz Liljegren, and Dimen Abdulla
2023/05/30 14.00-14:45Dramaten TornrummetJazz dance – entertainment versus arts formPanel on Jazz Dance in Sweden. Discusses its entertainment value vs art form status, development, origin, impact of commercial dance and musicals, and hierarchy within the entertainment industry. Hosted by Ballet Academy to showcase jazz dance as a equal partner in the arts on the Scenkonst Biennial platform.
2023/05/30 15.00-16:30Dramaten TornrummetPerforming in public spacesWhat happens when we perform a show in a public space? Why should we move performing arts outside of a black box? Should we adapt an existing work for the stage or create something entirely new? Who is the artist, and who is the audience in a public space?

Dancers and choreographers Alex Nagy and Rodrigo Vilarinho from the company React will host a seminar to address these questions. In collaboration with special guests, there may be a surprising event in a public space.
2023/05/30 15.00-16:30Dramaten MålarsalenWriting for movement-based performing artsJoin us for a conversation about the significance of the written word in movement-based performing arts!

Movement-based performing arts are usually developed on the floor without a script. But is it possible to write a complete play for movement-based performing arts? In this seminar, we want to explore this possibility. We also want to discuss how to document a performance that has already been created, how to create a synopsis in the best possible way, and how copyright works in this type of work.
The panel consists of guests with experience in movement-based performing arts and writing, and there is plenty of room for audience participation.
Moderated by Lena Nylén Tyrstrup and Sara Myrberg.
2023/05/30 15.00-16:00Kulturhuset Stadsteatern Lilla scenenThe actor’s toolbox – Robert FuxTeaterAlliansen’s actors/facilitators Oldoz Javidi and Steve Kratz engage in an in-depth conversation with Robert Fux about acting as a craft. They delve into how Robert approaches a role, his methods, and what his “toolbox” consists of. Robert Fux is a member of Kulturhuset Stadsteatern’s permanent ensemble but is on leave this spring, currently playing Puck in Benjamin Britten’s “A Midsummer Night’s Dream” at the Royal Opera. He is also the host of “Dragrace Sverige” on SVT and will play the diabolical school principal Miss Trunchbull in “Matilda – The Musical” by Roald Dahl, which will premiere later this fall at Stadsteatern.
2023/05/30 15.05-15:35Unga KlaraPerformance Discussion: Burn
2023/05/30 15.15-15:45Dramaten DramatenbarenBiennial for first-time visitors, an introduction
2023/05/30 15.30-16:15Dramten Repsal 1World Summit on Arts and Culture – How did the top meeting go?A month ago, Sweden hosted the largest cultural policy summit in 25 years. 400 delegates from 85 countries attended.
The theme was artistic freedom in a global context, and this edition´s hosts were The Swedish Arts Council and IFACCA (International Federation of Arts Councils and Culture Agencies).
Artistic freedom has been a hot topic of debate in the media lately – and usually from a national perspective. During the World Summit, it was possible to hear how other countries view the
the issue of artistic freedom and political control. From around the world leaders, senior decision-makers, researchers, representatives from the cultural sector and civil society came to Sweden. Participants: Kajsa Ravin, Director General of the Swedish Arts Council, and Rani Kasapi, Project Manager for the World Summit on
Arts and Culture 2023.
2023/05/30 15.30-17:00Dramaten LejonkulanCloseness (fst 1)A closer dance performance takes place in a carefully chosen location, where an intimate and grand event unfolds. The audience experiences a performance up close, as the dancers move for, with, between, and around them. Together, they build a social context that was previously unknown. Beyond words, an engaging choreography is created through the location and the people present. The performance explores the meaning of closeness, our need for it, and its impact on us as a group.
2023/05/30 16.00-17:30Dramaten DramatenbarenPanel discussion on artistic freedom in Sweden.There is a movement against right-wing extremism throughout Europe. For a long time, we have looked outwards from Sweden to discuss artistic freedom, but what does it look like in Sweden?
What are the arguments when art is restricted? What happens to an artist who is subjected to censorship? What support systems do we need? A relay conversation about artistic freedom. Participants: Nasim Aghili, Astrid Menasanch Tobieson, and others.
2023/05/30 16.00-17:00Unga KlaraUtopian Moments – About Unga Klara’s practical theater workPlaywright and dramaturg Erik Uddenberg lectures on Unga Klara’s artistic process and methods used in it, based on his book and 25 years of experience. Topics include research and reference group work. Reflection and discussion follow the lecture.
2023/05/30 16.00-17:15Dramaten Lilla scenenSeven Methods of Killing Kylie Jenner (fst 1)Seven methods of killing Kylie Jenner is a sharp and multi-layered performance in the digital frontier. It explores stereotypes of black femininity through the story of Cleo, who tweets a humorous and sharp list of methods to kill Kylie Jenner. The boundary between internet persona and real-life relationships becomes blurred as Cleo’s tweets attract attention and scrutiny, putting her friendship with Kara under pressure.
2023/05/30 17.30-19:30DramatenOpening MingleDramaten and Scensverige welcome everyone to Scenkonstbiennalen 2023! Sweden´s Minister of Culture Parisa Liljestrand will speak, as well as Stockholm´s Director of Culture Maria Jansén.
2023/05/30 19.30-21:00Dramaten Stora scenenThe final minute (fst 1)“Mellan mars 2020 och september 2021 var teatern, med undantag för en kortare period, helt stängd för publik. Under denna period fick samtliga skådespelare i ensemblen en fråga. “”Om du bara hade en sista minut kvar att agera på Dramatens stora scen när teatern åter öppnar – vad skulle du då välja att framföra?””
Utifrån bidragen har Mattias Andersson skapat ett kollektivt och samtidigt individualistiskt verk i jakt på några ultimata sceniska minuter.
Det är en visuell och koreografisk föreställning där Mattias Andersson fortsätter att, utifrån dokumentärt material, skapa nya föreställningar och utveckla vad scenkonst kan vara.
2023/05/30 20.00-22:55FolkoperanNorma (fst 1)Eirik Stubø debuts in Sweden as an opera director with Bellini’s Norma, a powerful triangle drama in opera literature. The production features rich character direction, orchestral music played on historical instruments, and new approaches to the Bel canto tradition.
Bellini’s Norma, from 1831, is a standout piece in the Italian Bel canto tradition known for its beautiful sound and technical singing skills. The opera was seen as innovative and revolutionary at its premiere, putting the words and story in focus.
Musical director Henrik Schaefer matches Stubø’s character direction by exploring how Bellini’s music can grow musically while still allowing room for drama. The orchestra plays on historical instruments to search for the special sound Bellini wanted to hear.
2023/05/31 08.30-9:30Kulturhuset Stadsteatern Lilla scenen“Start the Day with GAGA People (Day 1) (Drop-in)”The initiative, developed by the Dance Alliance and Theater Alliance, aims to lift, inspire and strengthen participating freelance performing artists, organizers and administrators by offering daily artistic practice during the Scenkonstbiennalen. The GAGA People with Emma Rozgoni daily body training will be offered three times during the biennale. No prior knowledge is required to participate, and comfortable clothing is recommended.
2023/05/31 09.00-10:30Dramaten TornrummetHow culture becomes a strong engine for regional development in challenging timesConditions: sparsely populated, large distances, poor economy, questionable healthcare, a world at war. Opportunities: green transition, a view of the new, a longing for something new, experiences at the center, tourism, culture as a driver. Based on these conditions and opportunities, the leading politicians of Region Jämtland Härjedalen, along with innovative artists, are creating a conversation about the role of art and culture for the development of a county. The conversation begins with two to three different examples of artistic initiatives in northern Sweden. Then, leading politicians from healthcare and regional development and public transportation will discuss with three artists about how politics and art can work together for progressive development.
2023/05/31 09.00-15:00Strindbergs Intima TeaterWorkshop for actors and directorsMasterclass – actors and directors meet and rehearse together, following instructions from Anna Pettersson, a doctoral candidate at Stockholm University of the Arts and artistic director of Strindbergs Intima Teater in Stockholm. They then reflect on conditions, agreements, expectations, and what the actor’s and director’s respective roles actually entail.
2023/05/31 09.00-10:00Dramaten DramatenbarenCrisis for independent dance after the pandemic – restart investigation and crisis support… but what happens now?The “From Crisis to Strength – restart investigation” found that the infrastructure for dance and circus is weaker than in many other art forms and is supported by independent actors. This discussion focuses on continuity, crisis, the importance of decision-makers and politicians having knowledge of how a field works, and the future of dance.
2023/05/31 09.00-12:00Unga KlaraMemories for useA workshop led by Farnaz Arbabi, artistic director, and Erik Uddenberg, dramaturg, to gain perspective and insights into the experiences of being a child and young person. The workshop involves exercises based on memories and creating stories that go beyond clichés.
2023/05/31 09.00-10:30SkeppsholmsstudionMeet Charlotte EngelkesAwaiting text from producer
2023/05/31 09.30-10:30Stockholms Konstnärliga HögskolaWe’re Going to Teach Sustainability, So We Must Understand It Ourselves!In the daily work at the Stockholm University of the Arts’ education in Performing Arts with specializations in theatre directing, set design, costume design, lighting design, sound design, mask and wig design, producing, technical coordination, and drama, sustainability issues have become increasingly central. To create a good knowledge base for teaching this important topic, all teachers have started a research project aimed at identifying what needs to be taught in these areas to the next generation of performing artists. Anders Larsson moderates a discussion with the teacher group at SKH about what this research project can teach us and how it can be taught to the next generation.
2023/05/31 10.00-12:00Dramaten Repsal 2Daily training – MIM with My AreskougThe training is open to all artists who use the body as their main form of expression, and to other professionals who are curious. The Mime Platform is a gathering place for learning. In addition to daily training, which is conducted in partnership with the Theater Alliance and Dance Alliance, the Mime Platform works to continuously develop and enrich the art of mime throughout the year.
2023/05/31 10.00-14:30DramatenCoffee break with the union (day 1) (drop-in)The Swedish Union for Performing Arts and Film invites prospective and current members to enjoy coffee and discuss work environment or other labor-related issues with union lawyers and safety representatives. There will also be special guests, such as Trygghetsrådet TRS, to talk about their activities. In addition, visitors can try the Japanese patchwork technique Sashiko while discussing work environment with safety representatives.
2023/05/31 10.00-12:00Svensk Scenkonst Open house for independent professional performing arts (drop-in)Visit the employer organization Swedish Performing Arts Association office to learn about their support for employers in the performing arts, including training programs, industry-specific agreements, and responsible employership. As of January 1, 2023, Swedish Performing Arts Association will sign collective agreements for employers in the free dance and theater sector.
2023/05/31 10.00-14:30DramatenMeet the Cultural Employment Agency! (day 1) (drop-in)Meet the Swedish Public Employment Service – Culture & Media at Scenkonstbiennalen!

2023/05/31 10.30-11:45Ö2 SödermalmArt and the climate crisis – challenges and opportunitiesHow can performing arts for youth address the climate crisis? Can it effectively inspire action or does it risk being seen as superficial? Should it focus on hope or dystopia? Or should it avoid the topic altogether and leave it to politics?
2023/05/31 10.30-12:00Dramaten MålarsalenThe future of dance in SwedenSRD/Regional Dance Development Cooperation and Dansplan Sweden want to follow up on the well-received discussions held at the Scenkonstbiennalen and Dance Fair 2022 with a seminar titled “The Future of Dance in Sweden.” They will invite cultural politicians, organizers, and experts to continue discussing the prospects and cultural policy position of dance in Sweden. Much has been done for dance, but what challenges and prospects do we see in the future? How can we ensure that dance continues to have a place and role in the Sweden’s performing arts?
2023/05/31 10.45-11:30Dramaten TornrummetThe Language Method – Language development through drama and theaterHow can theater and drama pedagogy contribute to language development and successful integration?
2023/05/31 10.45-11:45Stockholms Konstnärliga HögskolaCrossing the Line – From Lighting Design and Set Design to DirectingOver the years, Linus Fellbom has acquired a broad knowledge of theatre and opera. Initially, this knowledge was applied to his work as a lighting designer but in recent times has also encompassed several directorial tasks within the performing arts sector. While transitioning from lighting design to directing can be enriching, could it also become problematic when tasks need to be solved?
The Swedish Lighting Designer Association – SLF has invited Linus Fellbom to a conversation about artistic possibilities or problems that may arise when an artistic practitioner crosses the boundaries between different forms of expression.
2023/05/31 11.00-12:15Kulturhuset Stadsteatern Lilla studionEmbodied queer theaterTeater Dictat uses relational, phenomenological, and existential methods in their queer performing arts. They present and discuss how “embodied practice” can contribute to the LGBTQ+ community. Through reading exercises that place the experience of language in a queer body, and understanding how memory colors experience, a connection is created between text and body that is then taken further with a relational acting method. The seminar is led by Teater Dictat’s artistic director Johan Svensson and dramaturge Matthew Short, partly in English.
2023/05/31 12.00-13:30Ö2 SödermalmArt is at its freest when the audience is captiveSchool audience do not choose to attend theater, they can’t leave even if they don’t like the performance. Paying audiences choose their cultural experiences, but most children and young people visiting a theatrical performance have no prior preferences. This allows children’s and youth theater to be free from commercial considerations and a potential Eldorado for artistic experimentation. But does the forced audience attention have any value? And where is the limit for what can be done with an involuntary audience?

Based on the involuntary audience, we discuss responsibilities and limitations, attitudes and content, and share experiences, advice, and knowledge from different organizations.
2023/05/31 12.00-12:45Dramaten DramatenbarenIn the spotlight between stage and reality. How can a cultural actor support threatened performing artists? And how does it work in practice?Several theaters and cultural actors have recently taken initiatives to provide space for contemporary drama and performing artists from conflict-affected areas. Examples include Dramaten’s series of readings “Dramaten.doc” Rikstolvan, which has transformed from an art gallery to a hub for Ukrainian drama. In Gothenburg, several theaters have come together in the network “Free Zone Gothenburg” and Orionteatern is currently playing “How Do You Feel When You Are Scared,” a production consisting of 18 short plays written by Ukrainian youths in collaboration with Stockholm University of the Arts”.

Come and listen to an important conversation about engagement with representatives from small independent theaters as well as Sweden’s national stage.
2023/05/31 12.00-12:45Dramaten HuvudentrénRetrograde – backwards walks in urban environments (drop-in)Participants take part in reverse walks in urban environments, using the map-like inscriptions left by the spruce bark beetle on tree trunks. The walks can be experienced as a participant or observer, relying on proprioception and sensing to understand the body’s position in relation to the surroundings and explore the current state of our planet in the face of climate change. 
2023/05/31 12.00-13:15Dramaten Lilla scenenSeven Methods of Killing Kylie Jenner (fst 2)
2023/05/31 12.00-13:30Dramaten TornrummetThe documentary fictionTeater Fryshuset has focused on documentary-based theater for 15 years and asks what function the documentary element serves in the performing arts and whether it attracts a different audience.
2023/05/31 13.00-13:45Dramaten DramatenbarenHow free is art in Central Europe?The free culture is facing challenges in Europe as conservative and right-wing populist forces demand governance and censorship. In Central Europe, art has become increasingly politicized. Cecilia Hansson spent years traveling between Stockholm, Vienna, Bucharest, and Budapest to understand this cultural climate. She interviewed leading intellectuals, including Herta Müller, Péter Nádas, Marina Abramović, and Michael Haneke, discussing not only the conditions for creativity, but also the larger meaning of art.
2023/05/31 13.00-14:30Unga Klara Hate and threats don’t silence performing artsWorkshop to understand the impact of hate and threats on people and institutions within the performing arts. It will cover how to prepare for and report incidents, and include a risk analysis of productions. Based on a research study by Dalarna University in collaboration with Svensk Scenkonst.
2023/05/31 13.00-14:30Dramaten Målarsalen20 years of dance tours – Dansnät Sverige looks back and moves forwardDansnät Sweden has toured dance for 20 years. With invited guests, we discuss the need for commitment, the organizer’s conditions outside the big cities, touring in practice and the development of an infrastructure
2023/05/31 13.25-13:55Dramaten Lilla scenenPerformance Discussion: Seven Methods of Killing Kylie JennerAudience discussion with Milli Bhatia, Nancy Ofori, and Rachel Ann Willer. The conversation is moderated by members of Scensverige’s selection committee. The discussion will be conducted in English.
2023/05/31 14.00-15:15Dramaten DramatenbarenWar and ResponsibilityWhat responsibility do Swedish theaters have to react to Russia’s invasion of Ukraine? Is it neutral to perform Russian classics while Ukrainian initiatives tend to signal charity? A discussion about nuances and principles featuring Stefan Ingvarsson, former Swedish Cultural Attaché in Moscow, Sofia Nyblom, Journalist and Mattias Andersson, Director of Dramaten.
2023/05/31 14.00-17:00Dramaten Stora scenenWhat should queer performing arts do now? – Proud Performing Arts LGBTQ+ Network presents a major workshop for performing artists, presenters and producersProud Performing Arts invites artists, producers, and presenters to a three-hour workshop aimed at gathering and formulating ideas related to queer performing arts. The open process includes short inspirational speeches from industry professionals followed by an Open Space process, resulting in documentation accessible within the Stolt Scenkonst network. The workshop aims to encourage the creation of more queer performing arts events across the country.
2023/05/31 14.00-15:00Dramaten Lejonkulan Foajé
Dreams of dramaturgsWorkshop aimed at professional dramaturgs, where we’ll discuss how to strengthen our rights and improve our working conditions. We’ll review the existing agreement with a lawyer and share our challenges, dreams, and aspirations for a better working life. This workshop includes a Q&A session and a networking opportunity over a glass of wine. No union affiliation required.
2023/05/31 14.30-15:15Dramaten TornrummetThe city as a stage – collaboration and imaginationHappala has conducted more than 30 urban performances in Nordic countries, engaging over 10 000 people of all ages. Through collaborative efforts he has a lot of experience of the power of collective action. His book “The city as a stage” provides documentation. 
2023/05/31 15.00-16:30Dramaten Repsal 1Who is the choreographer? Part 2The Choreographers working group within the Dance Department, The Swedish Union for Performing Arts and Film invites professionals who encounter choreographers in their line of work, such as funding bodies, venues, residencies, and cross-disciplinary productions to a Workshop Seminar.
2023/05/31 15.00-15:45Unga Klara Daring performing arts, what is it really?!What is daring art today? Is it something that provokes, irritates, presents new stories or gives food for thought? In this seminar, 4 performances have been selected based on different perspectives of the concept of daring art. During the seminar, the discussion will be held with the stage artists, how do they view the concept of daring art from their performance?
2023/05/31 16.00-16:45Dramaten MålarsalenEurope, EuropeanaDramaten presents plays about the political climate and historical events. Join a conversation about art, politics, and history, and how theater can be made out of them in the context of the current ideological shifts and political events.
2023/05/31 16.00-17:15Dramaten TornrummetDigital audio description at every performanceTeater 23 has developed a digital system to provide audio descriptions of their performances. They are holding this seminar to share their method, which includes an informative lecture, practical examples, and a Q&A session, with the aim of increasing access to audio-described performing arts.
2023/05/31 17.00-17:45Dramaten Repsal 1How do we build sustainable infrastructures for dance and circus?Workshop on strategies for collegial support in the performing arts, through collaborative exploration of arm-hooking practices, with the goal of promoting reuse, sustainability, and resource distribution.
2023/05/31 17.00-17:45Dramaten DramatenbarenWhat’s the secret behind Norway’s success
2023/05/31 17.00-18:30Dramaten LejonkulanCloseness (fst 2)
2023/05/31 17.15-18:45Kulturhuset Stadsteatern Lilla studionTold by UkraineJoin us for a reading of newly written Ukrainian drama and meet and converse with the playwrights. Actors will read excerpts from several plays/texts, all translated into Swedish. The reading is a collaboration between Kulturhuset Stadsteatern and Rikstolvan, which hosts a residency for contemporary Ukrainian artists with a focus on playwrights.
2023/05/31 18.00-18:45Dramaten MålarsalenPutting autofiction on stageWhen the material presented on stage is based on a real, living person, unique challenges and questions arise. How should the playwright, director, and ensemble approach the original individual and their perspective? 
2023/05/31 18.00-19:30Dramaten TornrummetWorkshop: Political practise for cultural workersThe cultural political landscape is changing in Sweden. The use of concepts like artistic freedom is not quite clear. A workshop to practise your arguments when the discussion gets heated. 
2023/05/31 18.00-19:30DansmuseetPresentation by the International Dance Council/Conseil International de la Danse (CID)/UNESCOBe a part of a historic international dance event! The International Dance Council / Conseil International de la Danse was founded in 1973 at UNESCO in Paris, with two Swedes among the co-founders. In 2023, the organization celebrates its 50th anniversary worldwide. At Scenkonstbiennalen, we celebrate by making history again and presenting CID on Swedish soil while looking towards new opportunities. In this seminar, you will learn about the organization’s current work, UNESCO’s work for cultural heritage, and the opportunities available to members. We will also look back on the work that Swedish dance practitioners carried out for about 20 years through large international festivals and collaborative projects. We also look forward to hearing your thoughts on what the organization can contribute. The event host is Josefine Chiacchiero, in collaboration with the Dance Museum and several exciting guests promised!
2023/05/31 19.00-21:00Dramaten Lejonkulan FoajéWorkshop in spoken word with an open stage finaleA spoken Word Workshop with Final Open Stage with Henry Bowers. Henry Bowers is an award-winning rapper and spoken word poet. He has performed at poetry festivals in most continents, made a name of himself on the battle rap scene both nationally and internationally, and held countless writing workshops in schools across Sweden. The workshop includes an introduction to spoken word, writing exercises, and an opportunity for those who want to perform their text
2023/05/31 19.00-21:30Unga Klara Burn (fst 2)This is the story of when one event changes life forever. It’s about friendship so strong it becomes dangerous. About teenagers who become locked up and isolated – and about the fire, an untamed force inside and outside of oneself.
Agni and Evvi do everything together. They’re so close they’re almost joined at the hip. They’re twins. They live in a home for teenage girls and together create a fantasy world with their own rules that goes against society. One day they go too far, and life is never the same again.
BRINN is a story about girls who are larger than the world. About the necessary revolt, and when everything goes wrong. An explosive and sorrowful performance that oscillates between humor and darkness.
2023/05/31 19.00-20:00Långholmens strandbadAsphodel Meadows (fst 1)
2023/05/31 19.15-20:30Dramaten DramatenbarenTake care of yourself! Release of report about the state of mental health in our field.With support from the Arts Council, Scensverige and analyst Sofia Rasmussen have created the report “Take care of yourself – self-leadership for a sustainable work life in performing arts”. The aim is to raise awareness of mental health challenges in the industry, reduce the stigma associated with mental illness, and provide professionals in various roles with tools to create conditions for a sustainable career. The report is based on in-depth interviews with professionals conducted in 2022 and 2023, as well as a focus group with acting students at HSM in Gothenburg, and a review of research and literature on self-leadership and mental health in the performing arts. The seminar will discuss aspects that contribute to unhealthy work environments in performing arts, strategies for maintaining balance and well-being in the workplace, the most effective tools for self-leadership, and leadership that promotes healthy work environments and groups in the industry.
2023/05/31 20.00-21:30Dramaten Stora scenenThe Final Minute (fst 2)
2023/05/31 20.00-21:30KonträrK (fst 1)K is one of Sweden’s greatest poets, with an obvious place on one of the eighteen chairs. One of Sweden’s greatest poets, acclaimed and elevated. Then comes the explosion. Her husband is accused of serious offences, and the media frenzy rages. They fall together. She falls. Hard. K flees the country of S and its bloodthirsty people. What happens to a person in free fall? Can she ever land? She writes to survive, she writes because it will be her salvation in the fall. She writes because it is the only thing she can do. In literature there is a breathing space. She writes even though everyone around her demands answers and opinions. She writes out of love. She writes to understand the plot of her own life.

K is one of Sweden’s greatest poets, with an obvious place on one of the eighteen chairs. Elevated and honoured. Then comes the explosion. Her husband is accused of serious offences, and the media frenzy rages. They fall together. She falls. Hard. K flees the country of S and its bloodthirsty people. She writes to survive. She writes out of love. She writes to understand the plot of her own life.
2023/05/31 21.00-23:00Dramaten Dramatenbaren
Tons of scripts – The ReturnTen invited playwrights read for ten minutes each from their own works, and when the time is up, they are abruptly interrupted by a ringing egg timer. The playwright chooses what they want to read, whether it be a new text, a performed text, or something in progress.

During the 2000s, Massa manus was frequently held at Teater Scenario in Stockholm. Now, at the Writer´s Guild of Sweden, we believe it is time to revive this unpretentious form of entertainment that naturally puts the playwright and the written word at the center. The emcee is Gertrud Larsson, a playwright and vice-chair of the Writer´s Guild of Sweden.

The event features ten highly interesting playwrights.
2023/05/31 21.30-22:15Unga KlaraAwards Ceremony and Performance Discussion: Unga KlaraImmediately following the performance of “Brinn,” the Swedish Theatre Critics Association will award the 2022 Children’s and Youth Theatre Prize to Unga Klara, followed by a conversation with Farnaz Arbabi and Elmira Arikan, moderated by Jenny Aschenbrenner.

2023/06/01 08.30-9:30Kulturhuset Stadsteatern Lilla scenen“Start the Day with GAGA People (Day 2) (Drop-in)”The initiative, developed by the Dance Alliance and Theater Alliance, aims to lift, inspire and strengthen participating freelance performing artists, organizers and administrators by offering daily artistic practice during the Scenkonstbiennalen. The GAGA People with Emma Rozgoni daily body training will be offered three times during the biennale. No prior knowledge is required to participate, and comfortable clothing is recommended.
2023/06/01 09.00-9:45Kulturhuset Stadsteatern Lilla StudionWorld premiere of Skills 2023, a presentation in three acts on the importance of lifelong learningKulturakademin is proud to announce the world premiere of the new competence report Skills2023, a three-act presentation on the importance of lifelong learning.

Act 1: The report and analysis will be presented by Sofia Rasmussen and Peter Hiltunen.
Act 2: A dance interpretation of the study by dancer Rickard Fredborg.
Act 3: AI illustrates Skills2023 with the help of Ann-Sophie Cordes.

Peter Hiltunen, CEO Kulturakademin
Sofia Rasmussen, CEO Rasmussen Analysis
Ann-Sophie Cordes, AI-prompter Kulturakademin
Rickard Fredborg, Dancer.
2023/06/01 09.00-10:30SkeppsholmsstudionMeet Räserbyrån!Join Räserbyrån for a movement workshop that is suitable for both experienced dancers and novices. After the workshop, they will share their work and facilitate a conversation that emphasizes collective creation and active listening.
2023/06/01 09.30-11:00Playhouse TeaterHigh-Quality Performing Arts for the Widest Possible Audience – How and Why?Birmingham Opera Company (BOC) is a groundbreaking and award-winning opera company that attracts diverse audiences from across the city. BOC’s deputy CEO, Hannah Griffiths, will give a lecture in Swedish about engaging different audience groups in the arts and social integration through BOC’s work. 
2023/06/01 09.30-10:30Dramaten LejonkulanThe Role of Culture in the CityA conversation about the role of culture in urban development. What happens when culture is used as a value-creating factor in the planning of attractive cities? How can collaboration between cultural actors, businesses, and decision-makers create conditions for long-term investment in the cultural infrastructure?

Lotta Lekvall, CEO Folkteatern in Gothenburg
Anna Jirstrand Sandlund, CEO Sara Kulturhus in Skellefteå
Alexander Ståhle, PhD KTH and CEO Spacescape
Maria Hammarsten, Atrium Ljungberg

Moderator: Lis Hellström Sveningson, cultural writer and critic.
2023/06/01 10.00-10:45Dramaten DramatenbarenWriting on StageMeet Staffan Göthe, a playwright, actor, and director, who views every individual as unique and normality as a scary state, in a talk with theatre critic Kent Hägglund who recently published a book on the legendary Göthe. Moderator: Irena Kraus. 
2023/06/01 10.00-14:30DramatenCoffee Break with the Union (Day 2) (Drop-in)The Swedish Union for Performing Arts and Film invites prospective and current members to enjoy coffee and discuss work environment or other labor-related issues with union lawyers and safety representatives. There will also be special guests, such as Trygghetsrådet TRS, to talk about their activities. In addition, visitors can try the Japanese patchwork technique Sashiko while discussing work environment with safety representatives.
2023/06/01 10.00-12:00Dramaten Repsal 2Daily Training – MIM with Sybrig DokterThis training is open to anyone whose artistic expression relies on the body as their primary medium, as well as other curious professional practitioners.

Mimplattformen is a gathering place for knowledge-building. In addition to daily training, conducted in collaboration with TeaterAlliansen and Dansalliansen, mimplattformen works continuously throughout the year to develop and enrich mime.
2023/06/01 10.00-10:45Kulturhuset Stadsteatern Lilla studionFuture Leaders of Performing ArtsSeminar on future performing arts leaders prioritizing development, inclusion, and diversity, featuring current leaders in a leadership program for The Swedish Union for Performing Arts and Film. Discussion on limited budget, inclusion, and independence from politics and financiers.
2023/06/01 10.00-10:45Ö2 SödermalmThe Life and Death of Romantic ComedyIs the romantic comedy making a comeback? Recent productions such as Hussein at Månteatern, Straighta Besked, and RomCom are bringing love back to the theater stage. This panel discussion with moderator Elin Skärstrand, Karin Bengtsson, Alexander Charlamorv, and Stina Hwatz will explore how to tackle love without falling into stereotypes, how to challenge the genre without irony, and the role of love in times of crisis.
2023/06/01 10.00-10:45Dramaten TornrummetFocus on Mask DesignThe event focuses on the importance of the mask in stage productions and the mask designer’s process. The discussion will cover different ways of designing a mask, its significance in aesthetics and influencing the playing style.
2023/06/01 10.00-14:30DramatenMeet the CulturalMeet The Culture and Media Employment Agency
2023/06/01 10.45-11:30Blå Huset i TenstaThe role of performing arts in the suburbs!
2023/06/01 11.00-12:15ScenkonstmuseetHow is the Forbidden Puppet Theater Doing?Puppetry is becoming more prevalent in Sweden, appearing in various contexts such as satire programs on Public Television, Melodifestivalen, and Scalateatern, as well as on Netflix. A panel of Puppetry experts will discuss the state of “adult” Puppetry in Sweden with a focus on international scenes.
2023/06/01 11.00-11:45Kulturhuset Stadsteatern Lilla studionEverything You Need to Know about Copyright!The seminar will cover the importance of copyright in a free and democratic society, including the right for creators to be named and control the use of their work. It will also discuss the consequences for creators and what users/clients need to consider in light of the DSM directive.
2023/06/01 11.00-11:45Hedvig Eleonora kyrka“Theater and Church as Meeting Places for Existential Questions”Church and theater are some of the most important collective meeting places today for existential reflection. Where are the commonalities between an actor’s and a priest’s way of dealing with existential questions and portraying the struggle between outer and inner worlds? What does it really mean to interpret and portray a text? Where is the line between societal engagement and activism, and what actually happens in the common space?

Meet two leaders of organizations with similar missions, namely to be accessible throughout Sweden and to create a cross-border community among people.

Participants: Dritëro Kasapi, artistic director of Riksteatern and Andreas Holmberg, bishop of the Stockholm diocese.

Moderator: Marie Starck, cultural secretary of the Swedish Church.
2023/06/01 11.00-12:30Kulturhuset Stadsteatern Lilla scenenWho Holds the Power in the Rehearsal Room – The Director, Colleagues, or Yourself?This seminar addresses the work environment in the rehearsal room from an actor’s perspective, exploring how our behavior towards each other affects the art and whether a bad work environment leads to bad theater. The seminar includes research on the topic followed by a panel discussion aimed at finding new strategies for creating healthy and creative workspaces, with an open conversation at the end. The seminar is created of The Swedish Union for Performing Arts and Film, and primarily targets actors but welcomes all professions.
2023/06/01 11.00-11:45Dramaten DramatenbarenColombine – The Publishing House that Redefined TheaterColombine has been one of the most vibrant publishers in Europe, representing 600 Swedish and international playwrights and translators. Berit Gullberg, the founder of Colombine, discusses the company’s remarkable journey in a conversation with Ylva Lagercrantz, a cultural journalist and theater critic.
2023/06/01 11.00.00-12:00Dramatens maskavdelningTips and Tricks Day 1Visit Dramaten’s mask department and exchange information with fellow mask designers. Enjoy some fika and a tour
2023/06/01 11.00-12:00Dramaten LejonkulanCan We Run Our Theatres Without Theatre Technicians?During the Covid pandemic, all theater activity in Sweden came to a standstill. Theater groups and artists were strongly affected and many became unemployed. The same applied to both permanently employed theater technicians and the large group of freelance and self-employed, which led to devastatingly many leaving the performing arts sector to switch industries.
The Swedish Association of Theatre Technicians – STTF has invited representatives from universities, vocational colleges, employer and employee organizations to a round table discussion on how to regain all the lost competence after the “brain drain” that has affected the technician community within the performing arts sector.
2023/06/01 11.15-12:00Dramaten TornrummetWe Hear You and In Your Shoes – Method Development for Documentary NarrativesWe live in a time of rapid change. How do we portray the present in theatre? Are there new ideas on how we can go about creating new stories?

We Hear You – A Climate Archive is a multi-year, global storytelling project where 77 young artists, writers, students and activists from around the world will make their voices heard in response to the climate crisis. The project began in the spring of 2022 with the exhibition COAL+ICE at the John F Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts in Washington and will end with a performance at Dramaten in the spring of 2024.

The Lab’s In Your Shoes project is based on a method developed by Derek Goldman in which the participants have open conversations and then, based on this, shape each other’s perspective on the issue to create a deeper and empathetic understanding of each other’s perspective. The project is based at Georgetown University in Washington. 

Participants. Derek Goldman, Professor of Theatre and Performance Studies Co-Director, Laboratory for Global Performance and Politics, The Lab / Washington.
Caitlin Nasema Cassidy, Project Manager/Director We Hear You – A Climate Archive.
Emma Stenström, Professor at the Stockholm School of Economics specialising in sustainability
Moderator. Jacob Hirdwall, playwright and director We Hear You – A Climate Archive
2023/06/01 12.00-12:45Dramaten DramatenbarenAfter Pod. Benevolent Adults and Young AudienceSwedish performing arts for children and young people is at the forefront, but it’s not just about what happens on stage, it’s about how it lands with its audience. In the relevant bibu podcast, Susanna Fredén and Ellinor Lidén have examined what we do in the field, why we do it, and how our young audience has actually perceived it
2023/06/01 12.00-12:45Kulturhuset Stadsteatern Lilla studionSustainable Change for the Performing Arts – Skill Development and Career TransitionTRS has worked for over 50 years to create innovative and industry-specific security systems for the performing arts industry. They have now created new opportunities for competence development with their new reorganization agreement, benefiting both employees in the industry and eventually competence supply. The new agreement, which provides opportunities for career development for dancers, soloists, choristers, musical artists and musicians with support from the SOK Foundation, also enables high artistic quality to be maintained on performing arts institutions while offering secure career transitions for those who choose to do so.
2023-06-01 12.30-13:30Playhouse TeaterIncreased self-financing of independent performing arts – but how?A conversation about the conditions for getting private individuals to support the performing arts and how this can be possible. What needs to change? The theaters, the audience, the donor culture or the tax system? And what happens to the performing arts? Does it become more free and independent or less so?
2023/06/01 13.00-21:20Dramaten Målarsalen Inheritance (fst 1)
2023/06/01 13.00-13:45Dramaten DramatenbarenThe actor and the experienceThe actor’s job involves constant change and adaptation to new roles and sets, while also accumulating knowledge over time. How does aging affect an actor’s work and experience in the profession? How do experienced actors view newcomers, and has the perception of the actor’s role changed in recent times?
2023/06/01 13.00-15:00SkeppsholmsstudionWorkshop 100 Buckets of Peace MOA Company c/o Studio SkaftarpJoin us for a workshop designed for professional dancers who are curious about the 100 buckets of peace practice, which originates from the choreographic work “A Bucket of Peace ”. Come ready to work on timing while swinging a 10-liter bucket of water, among other things. Be sure to dress appropriately for the workshop.
2023/06/01 13.00-13:40Kulturhuset Stadsteatern KilenRite of Spring (fst 1)Norrdans presents “Rite of Spring,” a dance performance that reimagines a classic masterpiece. Using everyday objects like tarps, broken tools, and earplugs, the three dancers execute a precise interpretation of the piece. This creation is a microcosm of scales, volume, and vibrations where the beautiful coexists with the sublime and the captivating with the distorted. The dance approaches danger and Stravinsky’s grandiose music is manifested in a small but explosive ensemble, embodying rebellious playfulness and a total absence of sacrifice
2023/06/01 13.00-14:45ScenkonstmuseetDoing the Impossible – Saving and Preserving Performing ArtsPerforming arts is the art of the moment, but preserving it is crucial. Learn about how the Scenkonstmuseet and the Music and Theater Library are preserving this cultural heritage through their collections and archives. Listen to a discussion featuring performing artists, researchers, and potential donors about why and how we preserve performing arts. Join us and be inspired to become a future donor!
2023/06/01 13.00-15:30Kulturhuset Stadsteatern Lilla scenenWhat Do We Do When We Rehearse? – An Attempt at a Realistic Utopian ConversationThis conversation aims to explore what happens in the rehearsal room from an actor’s perspective and where everyone’s fantasies about their creative work go. What works when it does? What practical knowledge is needed, what strategies can be used, and HOW do you rehearse?

There is no right answer, but there are many experiences that have been and continue to be gained. This conversation attempts to articulate the “silent knowledge” that many have acquired from being in various types of rehearsal rooms for thousands of hours.
2023/06/01 13.00-15:30Unga Klara Burn (fst 3)
2023/06/01 13.00-14:00KonträrWhy Isn’t Theatre Co-producing More Internationally?Unlike the contemporary choreography field, Swedish theaters have very little international co-production. Why is this the case and does it need to be so? What is hindering us and what does the Swedish theater have to gain from increased international exchange?

Ulrika Josephsson, producer, Jupiter & Josephsson
Marcus Lindeen, director and playwright, Wild Minds
Marianne Segol-Samoy, dramaturg and translator, Wild Minds
(more panelists to be added)
Moderator: Erik Gavelin, Konträr
2023/06/01 13.00-13:45Dramaten TornrummetSound Design for Performing Arts – A Concept in Constant Change?Within the field of performing arts, a sound designer often moves across undefined areas, somewhere in the roles between composer, investigative artist, and creative technician. New perspectives on telling stories with sound are moving the professional role to new areas. Scen & Film Avd 115 invites to a conversation between a choreographer, a director, and a sound designer/composer on the concept of sound design, auditory storytelling, and its possibilities in scenic contexts.
What is site-specific sound design in 2023? What is it like to work creatively with sound in an artistic team? How do directors and choreographers work with sound in 2023?

Nicole Neidert – Choreographer
Maja Salomonsson – Director
Franz Edvard Cedrins – Composer, Director & Sound Designer
2023/06/01 13.45-14:15Kulturhuset Stadsteatern KilenPerformance Discussion: VårofferAudience discussion with Martin Forsberg and participants of Våroffer. The conversation is moderated by members of Scensverige’s selection committee. The discussion will be held in English.
2023/06/01 14.00-15:30Playhouse TeaterRoots and ShootsPanel discussion: “Balancing Tradition and Innovation in Swedish Children’s and Youth Theatre”

Passion, curiosity and a desire to take children seriously have made Swedish children’s and youth theatre often world-leading. But how do we balance innovation with tradition? Is there a risk of losing the core when the desire to experiment goes too far? Or are we already losing the spark when we pat ourselves on the back for how good we think we are? What thoughts and methods serve as roots for Swedish children’s and youth theatre, and what shoots are ready to emerge if they only get a little nourishment?

In this panel discussion, we will dwell deeper into traditions and innovations in theatre for children and young people with Karin Helander, professor of theatre studies, Kristian Hallberg, playwright and one of two artistic directors of Månteatern in Lund, and Andreas Ferrada-Noli, actor from Backa Teater with extensive experience in performing for young audiences. The discussion will be moderated by Catharina Bergil, head of the performing arts programs at the University of Music and Drama in Gothenburg, and board member of Bibu AB.
2023/06/01 14.00-14:45Dramaten Tornrummet“With Headphones to the Future – A Growing Genre”The audio-guided walking tour is growing as a theater format but is often still considered experimental, although more institutional theaters are making space for it in their repertoires, such as Dramaten and Riksteatern. Lisa Färnström and Joakim Rindå, both working within the genre, have invited some of their most influential colleagues to take the pulse of audio-guided walking tours on Sweden’s theaters, explore the format’s artistic potential and future, examine its impact on traditional theatrical roles and audience relationships, and identify new competencies and audience groups that can be activated by the format.
2023/06/01 14.00-15:00Kulturhuset Stadsteatern Lilla studionInterpreting Body SignalsLecture by Deborah Mülrad.
2023/06/01 14.00-14:45Dramaten DramatenbarenCultural Guidance – Creating New Scenes in StockholmOver the past decade, many new cultural venues have been established in Stockholm using cultural navigation as a method to bring together cultural and entertainment activities with property owners. Examples include club scenes like Fållan and Slakthuskyrkan, Kulturhuset Stadsteatern with stages in Vällingby and Husby, Potato Potato with the new theater Konträr on Östgötagatan, Waterfront, Stadsgårdsterminalen, and soon the gasometer in Norra Djurgårdsstaden. Join a dialogue on how cultural navigation works in practice!
2023/06/01 14.30-16:00Dramaten LejonkulanCloseness (fst 3)
2023/06/01 15.00-16:00Dramaten DramatenbarenChallenges of Leadership for Freelance DirectorsAs an artistic director in time-limited projects with constantly changing group compositions, theater directors face a complex leadership task. What is required of contemporary leadership in the performing arts? In 2022, TeaterAlliansen launched two customized leadership programs for theater directors focused on organization, work environment, and inclusion. In the seminar, participating directors and training leaders will reflect on the conditions and challenges of freelance directors’ leadership in the meeting between a performing arts institution and the intersection of artistic and managerial leadership.
2023/06/01 15.00-16:00Ö2 SödermalmRitual, Theatre, DialogueA conversation about the meeting between ritual and theater, body and words.

Christina Ouzounidis, playwright, author and director, and Lena Sjöstrand, priest and PhD in theology.

Christina Ouzounidis has established herself as one of Sweden’s most innovative playwrights during the 21st century, and she has also been engaged in research. In 2016, she presented her artistic thesis Doubt – the Poetics of Dialogue, at the Malmö Theatre Academy. Reflection on practice unites the two who converse.

Lena Sjöstrand has dealt with body and performativity in worship and theater in her thesis. Former artistic director of church plays at Lund Cathedral, where she worked with Jon Fosse’s drama among other things. Artistic director for art exhibitions at Lund Cathedral with artists such as Cecilia Edefalk.
2023/06/01 15.00-16:00Långholmens strandbad
2023/06/01 15.15-16:15Kulturhuset Stadsteatern Lilla studionTake Care of Yourself – What’s the Next Step?A discussion about Sofia Rasmussen’s report on mental health in our field. Featuring Analyst Sofia Rasmussen, Swedish Performing Arts Director Ulricha Johnson and Board Chair Petra Brylander, and Choreographer and Dancer Minna Krook among others.
2023/06/01 15.15-16:00ScenkonstmuseetPreserving MovementContemporary dance is ephemeral, as the movement disappears as soon as it arises. But how can we preserve it for future generations? 
2023/06/01 15.30-16:30Kungliga Operans GuldfoajéPerformance Lecture on the Opera “Stranded”Strandad premiered at the Royal Swedish Opera in November 2022 and moved both audiences and critics. Hear the singers again in a programme where the music is mixed with a conversation about opera as a timeless work of art. What does it take to make opera relevant to our time? What role do institutions play in bringing out new writing? How do we attract new audiences?
Vivianne Holmberg, soprano
Lena Willemark, singer
Carl Ackerfeldt, baritone
Katarina Leoson, alto
Samuel Skönberg, piano
Olle Pettersson, percussion
Martin Larsson, percussion
Karin Rehnqvist, composer
Kerstin Perski, librettist
Natalie Ringler, director
Katarina Aronsson, dramaturge & moderator. 
The conversation will be introduced by members of the selection committee of Scensverige.
2023/06/01 15.45-17:00Playhouse TeaterDoes Our Young Audience Get the Quality They Deserve?How do we define and achieve artistic quality in performing arts for children and young people? Join us for a discussion with experts in the field who grapple with these complex questions, including the challenge of addressing difficult subjects.
2023/06/01 16.30-17:45Dramaten Stora scenenDoes culture become more free with private sponsors?According to the government, increased private funding is a fundamental part of a free cultural life. In a dialogue about the relationship between arm’s length and artistic freedom in relation to public and private funds, we deepen this discussion. Moderator Susanna Dahlberg, CEO of Riksteatern and author of the master’s thesis “What is the length of an arm? – how arm´s length distance is used in art and cultural politics in Sweden today”.
Participants: Minister of Culture Parisa Liljestrand and others. Input to the conversation from Hege Knarvik Sande, Director of Performing Arts Hub Norway and Ersian Francois, Director of The Laboratory for Global Performance and Politics at Georgetown University.
2023/06/01 16.30-17:30Teater Galeasen 4th Theater, 40 Years – The Art of Survival as an Independent GroupIn 2022, 4:e Teatern celebrated its 40th anniversary. To mark the occasion, we are hosting a release party for our anniversary anthology “From Tältprojekt to Turboteater.” In connection with this, we are also organizing a seminar on the position of independent theaters in today’s performing arts scene in Sweden. Several independent theater groups will participate, and the moderator will be Ylva Lagercrantz Spindler.
2023/06/01 17.00-17:55Kulturhuset Stadsteatern KlarascenenNoche (fst 1)
2023/06/01 17.00-18:30Dramaten Lejonkulan FoajéMingle with Stora Teatern – The Largest Guest Performance Venue in the NordicsStora Teatern annually organizes hundreds of guest performances, residencies, and events, including programs such as Cirkus i Väst, the Gothenburg Dance and Theater Festival, Stora Teatern’s guest performance initiative, and Kulturpunkten. During the Scenkonstbiennalen, we would like to create a meeting place where attendees can mingle with us while enjoying complimentary coffee, tea, and snacks. Please feel warmly welcomed to join us.
2023/06/01 17.15-18:30Unga Klara FoajéOpen Meeting on Directors and Set Designers in TeateralliansenThere is currently no permanent employed director in Sweden, and the number of permanently employed set designers is low. Directors and set designers lack workplace affiliations that provide social and economic security, and they rarely have access to skills development opportunities. During the seminar, the discussion focuses on the skills development needs and prerequisites for expanding the Theater Alliance for directors and set designers. What could an expanded alliance mean for the industry?
2023/06/01 18.00-19:00OrionteaternMy Total Enjoyment (fst 1a)My total enjoyment is a state in the gap between a before and an after the crisis or the ecstasy. The individual’s desire for destruction and rebirth is examined in relation to the collective need for ritual intimacy and care. Like a slash-and-burn agriculture, everything old has been burned to make way for something new.
2023/06/01 18.00-18:30FolkoperanPerformance Discussion: NormaAudience discussion with Eirik Stubø and Henrik Schaefer. The conversation is moderated by members of Scensverige’s selection committee.
2023/06/01 18.30-19:30OrionteaternMy Total Enjoyment (fst 1b)
2023/06/01 18.30-19:45Kulturhuset Stadsteatern Lilla scenen“The Dance Directors and Artistic Decisions”A casual roundtable discussion about how artistic decisions are made.Medverkande: Martin Forsberg från Norrdans, Mira Helenius Martinsson från Skånes Dansteater, Cecilia Suhaid Gustafsson från Riksteatern Dans, Monica Milocco från Regionteater Väst, Camilla Ekelöf från Smålands Musik och Teater, Anna Efraimsson från MDT, Per Sundberg från Dansinitiativet, Birgit Berndt från Norrlandsoperan.

Moderator: Åsa Söderberg, konsult, fd danschef Norrlandsoperan och Konstnärlig ledare/VD på Skånes Dansteater
2023/06/01 19.00-21:55FolkoperanNorma (fst 2)
2023/06/01 19.00-20:30Strindbergs Intima TeaterTschandala/Tattaren (fst 1)
2023/06/01 19.30-20:30OrionteaternMy total enjoyment (fst 1c)
2023/06/01 19.30-21:00KonträrK (fst 2)
2023/06/01 20.00-21:00OrionteaternMy total enjoyment (fst 1d)
2023/06/01 20.15-21:00Dramaten DramatenbarenRiksteatern’s Theater Residency – What Happened Next?Gain insight into the impact of Riksteatern’s theater residency on the careers of theater artists as our panel shares their experiences, discusses what has happened since the residency, and provides updates on their current projects.
2023/06/01 20.30-21:30OrionteaternMy total enjoyment (fst 1e)
2023/06/01 20.35-21:05Strindbergs Intima TeaterPerformance Discussion: Tschandala/TattarenAudience discussion with Lindy Larsson and Scensverige’s selection committee.
2023/06/01 21.00-22:00Dramaten Lejonkulan FoajéNight Food 3.0We would like to offer a networking opportunity where members of our professional department can meet colleagues from other departments. We plan to provide light refreshments.
2023/06/01 21.15-22:45Dramaten DramatenbarenRiksteatern’s Theater Residency Proudly PresentsMeet this year’s participants in Riksteatern’s residency program. Chantale Hannouch (director) and Elsa Berggren (dramaturg) introduce each participant and their work, while actors read from the participants’ freshly written texts.
2023/06/01 21.25-21:55Dramaten MålarsalenPerformance Discussion: ArvPublic discussion with members of the production team and Scensverige’s selection committee.
2023/06/02 08.30-9:30Kulturhuset Stadsteatern Lilla scenen“Start the Day with GAGA People (Day 3) (Drop-in)”This initiative, developed by the Dance Alliance and Theater Alliance, aims to lift, inspire and strengthen participating freelance performing artists, organizers and administrators by offering daily artistic practice during the Scenkonstbiennalen. The GAGA People with Emma Rozgoni daily body training will be offered three times during the biennale. No prior knowledge is required to participate, and comfortable clothing is recommended.
2023/06/02 09.00-12:00SkeppsholmsstudionCreative SustainabilityJoin us for a Creative Sustainability Day with Skeppsholmsstudion. The day starts with a beginner-friendly movement workshop where we explore tension, relaxation, desire, and endurance. After a break, we’ll gather for a conversation on creative sustainability, covering topics such as the performing arts, recycling, working with care, and the expectations of decision-makers. 
2023/06/02 09.15-10:45Dramaten TornrummetDrawing the Circus MapThis discussion will explore the infrastructure of circus arts in Sweden in 2023, including the regions that have included circus in their cultural plans, as well as the locations of production and performance venues. 
2023/06/02 09.30-10:15Dramaten DramatenbarenCritics and the BiennialRound table discussion with six past and present jury members of the Performing Arts Biennale. They reflect on the role of theater critics in the selection process and changes in the performing arts.
2023/06/02 10.00-14:30DramatenCoffee Break with the Union (DayFackförbundet Scen & Film invites prospective and current members to enjoy coffee and discuss work environment or other labor-related issues with union lawyers and safety representatives. There will also be special guests, such as Trygghetsrådet TRS, to talk about their activities. In addition, visitors can try the Japanese patchwork technique Sashiko while discussing work environment with safety representatives.
2023/06/02 10.00-10:45Konträr
Dramatizations of Famous Works and Events – Trend or Art Form of Its Own?Many dramatizations are appearing on theater stages these days, not just adaptations of books, but also film adaptations and plays based on real events. Is this an attempt to attract audiences with well-known titles or sensational events? Or can theater offer a deeper exploration that makes it entirely unique?
2023/06/02 10.00-10:45Ö2 SödermalmEstablishing a Production Environment for Dance in ForsåkerFirst time at the Performing Arts Biennial? Come and ask all your questions! Scensverige’s operations manager, Ulricha Johnson, will provide information
2023/06/02 10.00-12:00Dramaten Målarsalen FoajéSpeed Dating between Playwrights/Directors and Theatre Directors/Artistic DirectorsSpeed dating is a fun and fast-paced event where directors and playwrights get the opportunity to present production ideas for theaters through short pitches.

After two years of the pandemic and a now more open situation in the industry, it’s time to meet and discuss artistic ideas and new collaborations. Freelance playwrights and directors are still in a restart phase, so it’s important to meet again!

We welcome both young and experienced freelance playwrights and directors with their own ideas. It’s important that you work professionally and that you present an artistic idea.

Are you a playwright or director and want to pitch an artistic idea?
Are you a theater manager or artistic director and want to meet playwrights and directors?
2023/06/02 10.30-11:30Kulturhuset Stadsteatern Lilla studionIs There Quality Outside Stockholm?The domination of Stockholm in the selected performances for Scenkonstbiennalen in recent years raise questions about where high quality exists and whether it exists outside the city, highlighting the need to strengthen the image of a culturally rich and diverse Sweden.
2023/06/02 11.00-12:00Dramaten Lejonkulan FoajéMeet Our International GuestsMingle with Scensverige’s international guests.
2023/06/02 11.00-12:00Dramaten TornrummetWhat Is Circus Directing?This lecture explores circus directing as a unique form of contemporary art that blends with other disciplines. It delves into the physical and technical challenges of creating a cohesive work of art that combines movement, story, and spectacle.
2023/06/02 11.00-11:45Ö2 SödermalmThe Show Must Not Go OnThis conversation discusses how to handle difficult situations during live performances for young audiences, including when to pause or interrupt a show, and navigating artistic, practical, and emotional boundaries. 
2023/06/02 12.00-17:00Kulturhuset Stadsteatern BiocaféetThe Intimate, Grand, Artistic Conversation – What We Actually Do When Creating Performing ArtsWe long for more in-depth conversations in our field! Conversations where we share experiences and thoughts on our practices, where we fantasize and reflect on our creative work and discuss what we sometimes find hard to put into words. An honest and in-depth conversation about process, thoughts, emotions, body, text, theory, and practice. For five hours, we set up two chairs and two microphones, pairing industry professionals to converse with each other face-to-face. As an audience member, you can come and go – pause, sit and listen, reflect, and be inspired.
2023/06/02 12.30-13:30Dramaten Målarsalen“Doing Dance Right?”The contemporary dance field is facing alarming shortages of resources and infrastructure, a problem that is constantly pointed out but seldom reaches decision-makers at the national, regional, or municipal level. What prevents contemporary dance from breaking through the noise. Are we constantly overlooked? Do we struggle to convey the value of our field? Is there interest in contemporary dance as an art form among those who hold power over our field? Or are we simply using the wrong tactics? This discussion aims to shed light on these issues and provide insight from the perspective of policymakers and bureaucrats.
2023/06/02 12.30-13:15Dramaten DramatenbarenArt Group Fuls Tal till nationen – Live Recording of a Podcast on Artistic FreedomMeet the queens of storytelling and drag artists Lady Busty and Miss Shameless from Drag Story Hour Sweden in a conversation about artistic freedom and freedom of expression with director and playwright Nasim Aghili. Kalmar, Olofström, Trelleborg, and Malmö are places where Lady Busty’s and Miss Shameless’ storytelling events have been threatened, stopped, or had to be conducted with security guards present.
2023/06/02 13.00-13:45Dramaten TornrummetAbout Scenography – Bringing an Idea to LifeA conversation about the tools and methods of the set designer to visualize their ideas, and the meeting with theaters when the idea is presented for analysis of implementation.

Lars Östbergh, set designer
Markus Granqvist, senior lecturer in performing arts with a focus on set design
Martin Vogel, workshop manager at Kulturhuset Stadsteatern
Erik Fredriksson, workshop manager at Dramaten

Lina Valentin Kramar, technical coordinator at Kulturhuset Stadsteatern.
2023/06/02 13.00-13:45Kulturhuset Stadsteatern Lilla studionMy Convention. Performing Arts as a Springboard for Implementing Children’s Rights“My Convention” is a performance by children, for children, about their convention. The production is created to increase all children’s knowledge about the convention and provide them with tools to uphold their rights, but it also showcases concrete examples for children with disabilities. The production also has an international dimension – it is developed in close collaboration with an inclusive organization in Armenia.
2023/06/02 13.00.00-14:00Dramatens maskavdelningTips and Tricks Day 2Mask designers are invited to an open house event to exchange information and ideas. 
2023/06/02 13.00-14:00Ö2 SödermalmIn Search of Gender Equality
2023/06/02 13.00-14:00Dramaten LejonkulanLeap – a three-stage rocket towards the futureVästmanlands Theatre has been following two classes in a school in Råby, a suburb of Västerås, for several years. This has resulted in three productions, the first when they were in fourth grade and the last when they were in ninth grade. All productions have been created through play, workshops, and improvisation together with the students. It has become a trilogy based on text and movement, about how their innermost thoughts change on the road to adulthood. What are the possibilities and challenges of following the same group for so long? What does one need to risk to gain trust?

Bodil Malmberg, director, performer
Jonna Ljunggren, mime actress, performer
Erika Isaksson, moderator, project manager for children and youth at Backa Teater.
2023/06/02 13.45-14:30Blå Huset i Tensta
2023/06/02 14.00-14:55Kulturhuset Stadsteatern KlarascenenNoche (fst 2)
2023/06/02 14.00-14:45Dramaten DramatenbarenIn the Midst of Crisis, How Do We Tell the Story in Theater about Current EventsHow can those working in performing arts discuss the ongoing low-intensity conflicts and Russia’s war against Ukraine, especially in light of the International Day of Solidarity for Victims of Torture on June 26? Are there stories that cannot be captured by the news media?
2023/06/02 14.00-15:30KonträrK (fst 3)
2023/06/02 14.00-14:45Kulturhuset Stadsteatern Lilla studionBecoming the Best in Touring Performing ArtsEight event organizers from all over the country share their tips on how to secure future bookings. They discuss what makes a successful presentation from a producer, how organizers can contribute to resource-efficient tours, what a really good marketing material should contain from their perspective, and how to establish and maintain strong relationships. They also reveal what kind of performances they are looking for in the upcoming seasons.
2023/06/02 14.00-15:45Dramaten TornrummetWhere is Free Dance Art Created in Sweden?This program point by Scensverige explores the creation of free dance art in Sweden and the need for residency spaces for research, processes, rehearsals, production, and public meetings. 
2023/06/02 14.00-15:00Långholmens strandbadInternational Guest Performance 2023.
2023/06/02 14.45-15:45Ö2 SödermalmWhere Did the Theater Director Go?In recent years, there has been a division of the theater director role. The traditional theater director has mutated into a CEO and artistic director, where the artistic director is always subordinate to the CEO. At the same time, the artistically permanent staff is reduced at almost all theaters. How does the theater industry get affected by having a non-artistic person with ultimate authority over decisions?
2023/06/02 15.00-16:45Dramaten Stora scenenThe Mistresses (fst 1)
2023/06/02 15.00-15:30Kulturhuset Stadsteatern KlarascenenPerformance Discussion: NochePublic conversation with Jeanine Durning, Katie Jacobson, and Eliott Marmouset. The conversation is led by members of Scensverige’s selection committee. Held in English.
2023/06/02 16.00-17:30Dramaten Målarsalen What Will They Inherit? Making Heritage Through DramaturgyMatthew Short, the dramaturg of Teater Dictat, presents his research on how dramaturgy creates space for new narratives of heritage, specifically within the context of the LGBTQ+ community in Sweden. Teater Dictat uses this research to reimagine a queer heritage and explore how dramaturgy can be used to reclaim histories and imagine new futures. The presentation will be held in English.
2023/06/02 16.00-16:45Ö2 SödermalmVisions and Passions – Free Theater for an Adult AudienceWe showcase theater made by those who decide what, how, and for whom they create. Join us for brief presentations followed by a moderated conversation with the participants and seminar attendees about their driving forces, visions, artistic methods and content, as well as their public encounters. 
2023/06/02 16.00-16:45Dramaten TornrummetHow Do We Create Inclusion for Performing Artists with Disabilities?Moomsteatern employs actors with intellectual disabilities on the same terms as other professional actors, a practice they have maintained since 2006, and yet they remain the only ones in Sweden doing so. What is needed to make performing arts more inclusive? Moomsteatern uses theater to challenge people’s perceptions of who takes the stage and provide audiences with a unique experience through engaging, high-quality performances by an inclusive ensemble that reflects the diversity of society.
2023/06/02 16.00-17:15Kulturhuset Stadsteatern Lilla scenen“The Opera Directors and Artistic Decisions”A casual roundtable discussion about how artistic decisions are made.
2023/06/02 16.00-17:30Dramaten LejonkulanCloseness (fst 4)
2023/06/02 16.00-18:00ArmémuseumMeaning of Life (Day 1) (Drop-in)Artist Tove Berglund and choreographer Ludvig Daae are working on creating artistically curated meetings and conversations. During the Scenkonstbiennalen, they open the door to one of the caravans that also serves as the stage for their new work, The Meaning of Life. They invite you to a conversation about the northern Swedish performing arts scene and the meaning of life. At this event, there will be a cup of lukewarm rosé and mingling about northern Swedish performing arts with guests such as Teater Västernorrland’s dramaturg Alexandra Loonin, Estrad Norr’s performing arts director Malin Hulpers, and Norrlandsoperan’s dance director Birgit Berndt.
2023/06/02 16.50-17:20Dramaten Stora scenenPerformance Discussion: ÄlskarinnornaAudience discussion with Tom Silkeberg and members of Scensverige’s selection committee.
2023/06/02 17.00-17:45Ö2 SödermalmWhat Does the Clown Do in the Theater?What happens when the clown form meets a play? Can it access something that is sometimes missed in conventional theater? Can the clown perform a play or just mess around with it? 
2023/06/02 17.00-18:15Dramaten Tornrummet“Straight from the Women’s Secret Encrypted Chat Thread”When the Taliban enter Kabul, women begin exchanging information and advice. These women are on the front line of culture. Their diary represents yet another milestone in Afghanistan’s unstable history.

A group of female writers and poets between the ages of 22 and 60 found strength by starting an online diary, shared through a messaging app and supported by Untold, a small UK-based organization that works to help writers marginalized by society or affected by conflict.

Come and experience some of these texts portrayed on stage by director and playwright Marall Nasiri.
2023/06/02 17.40-18:10Dramaten Lejonkulan FoajéPerformance Discussion: ProximityAudience conversation with Tove Sahlin and participants in “Närheten” (The Proximity). The conversation is moderated by members of Scensverige’s selection committee.
2023/06/02 18.00-19:30Dramaten DramatenbarenFreshly PressedTheater group Dramalabbet turns 25 this year and celebrates by offering nostalgia with their reading series Färskpressat. Actors read a newly written play in front of an audience, followed by a conversation to support the author’s writing process.
2023/06/02 18.00-19:00Dramaten MålarsalenNational Gathering for Co-production in Dance and ChoreographyWe bring together institutions, independent producers, and artists interested in collaborating on, learning more about, and working with co-productions in the free dance production process. Our goal is to create a hub for collaborations to thrive and showcase different models and approaches related to co-production to help us learn more.
2023/06/02 18.00-19:00Ö2 SödermalmDrink for Racialized Performing ArtistsThe Norm-Creative Workgroup for Stage and Film (NKA) invites you to a mingle and discussion. How are we doing and what are the current challenges? This is a great opportunity to make new contacts and socialize in a safe space. NKA provides wine, snacks, and non-alcoholic drinks on site. Warmly welcome!
2023/06/02 18.00-18:40Kulturhuset Stadsteatern KilenSpring Offering (fst 2)
2023/06/02 18.00-19:00OrionteaternMy Total Enjoyment (fst 2a)
2023/06/02 18.00-19:00Kulturhuset Stadsteatern TeaterbarenMask OilA chance to mingle and meet colleagues.
2023/06/02 18.30-19:30OrionteaternMy Total Enjoyment (fst 2b)
2023/06/02 19.00-20:30Strindbergs Intima TeaterTschandala/Tattaren (fst 2)
2023/06/02 19.00-21:30Unga Klara Burn (fst 4)
2023/06/02 19.00-21:00Dramaten MarmorfoajénBACKA PK Invites You to This Year’s Match!The Marble Foyer is transformed into a recreation center on Friday, June 2, from 7-9 pm. Sports is culture! Backa Teater has been in hard training for several years in preparation for the upcoming biennial, and now it’s time to challenge the Swedish performing arts community in the noble art of table tennis. Through an exciting ping-pong match, the candidate who will have the honor of facing BACKA PK’s champion will be chosen. Secure your spot and register here: https://forms.gle/mqA1aFAERcmVYi718

The game is on!
2023/06/02 19.30-20:30OrionteaternMy total enjoyment (fst 2c)
2023/06/02 19.30-21:00KonträrK (fst 4)
2023/06/02 20.00-21:00OrionteaternMy total enjoyment (fst 2d)
2023/06/02 20.30-21:30OrionteaternMy total enjoyment (fst 2e)
2023/06/02 21.00-23:00Dramaten Målarsalen FoajéThe HomolobbyDrinks for queers and peers. Open mike.
2023/06/02 21.10-21:40KonträrPerformance Discussion: KAudience conversation with Ylva Olaison, Kristian Hallberg, and Tobias Hagström-Ståhl. The conversation is moderated by members of Scensverige’s selection committee.
2023/06/03 09.00-10:30SkeppsholmsstudionMeet Tove SahlinFor more information, visit Scensverige’s website.
2023/06/03 09.30-12:00Kulturhuset Stadsteatern Lilla scenenWorkshop on the Potential of Multilingualism in Performing ArtsThis workshop explores multilingualism in the performing arts, examining the potential it has creatively, artistically, and communicatively. 
2023/06/03 10.00-10:45Dramaten Tornrummet
Writing for Young ActorsFour different initiatives have emerged with the aim of getting professional playwrights to write for young people – from elementary school to high school. Representatives from all four projects and playwrights who have written for them discuss their thought processes and approaches to writing for children and young people in these various projects.
2023/06/03 10.00-10:45Unga Klara FoajéThe Mental States of Swedish Theatre CriticSwedish Theater Critics Association’s podcast “Teaterkritikerna – live reviews on tour” traveled around Sweden for a year. At the biennale, they will discuss their conclusions on the coverage of performing arts in the country, the need for local critics, and the impact of local newspapers being included in larger media companies.
2023/06/03 10.30-11:45Dramaten Dramatenbaren
Shakespeare’s Heritage – Interpretation and ResistanceThis is a panel discussion about working with Shakespeare on stage. What can we say about the fascination and difficulties of it? How do we handle sexist and racist thinking? What do we do with the museal, the musty, and the mystical? And how do we manage the aged and special magic and poetry?
2023/06/03 11.00-12:30Dramaten LejonkulanPerformance Lecture – Towards a Sustainable Performing Artist – ?Discussion on “the craft and poetry of performing arts” – an approach that aims to create conditions for poetry to emerge. Can a holistic approach and high level of artistic ambition work together to affect the performance and its relationship to a greater whole? 
2023/06/03 11.00.00-12:30Unga KlaraWho Decides, or Is the Dramaturg the New Playwright?“This is a seminar about what is allowed to be performed on our stages and who gets invited to write. What is the role of the dramaturge in theater, the right hand of the artistic director or involved in repertoire decision-making? Untried options and spontaneously submitted plays – how can the dramaturge bring original stories from playwrights and authors to the forefront?”
2023/06/03 11.00-11:45Kulturhuset Stadsteatern Lilla studionThe rise of the circus consultant
2023/06/03 11.00-11:45Dramaten TornrummetWhat are we seeing and why?Introduction and Q&A session with the Scenkonstbiennalen selection committee. Participants: Lis Hellström Sveningson, Monika Wade, Lena Engström, Magdi Saleh, Anna Hedelius, Anna Håkansson, Anders Ålander.
2023/06/03 12.00-20:20Dramaten Målarsalen Inheritance (fst 2)
2023/06/03 12.00-13:45Dramaten Stora scenenThe Mistresses (fst 2)
2023/06/03 13.00-13:45Unga Klara Foajé“What Roles Do You Think You Would be Able to Play?”Panel discussion focusing on the conditions and experiences of transgender individuals in casting within the Swedish performing arts industry. It raises questions about the representation of gender in the industry and how power dynamics can affect casting decisions, including the expectations and limitations placed on trans performers.
2023/06/03 13.00-14:30Dramaten TornrummetWhat Would You Be Willing to Risk? Seminar: Culture as Resistance in Non-DemocraciesAn exclusive conversation with international guests, who are not disclosed in advance. Participants will leave their phones to an official at the door.
Participants: Ulricha Johnson, Executive Director of Scensverige, Nasim Aghili, artist and playwright, and 4-6 other participants.
The conversation will be held in English.
2023/06/03 13.00-13:45Dramaten DramatenbarenThe Need for Comprehensibility in Swedish Contemporary TheaterWe wonder why theater, to a greater extent than other performing arts forms, takes responsibility for chronology and logic with reason constantly present. Where does the notion come from that the recipient should understand the content of a work? Is it based on audience expectations or is it a requirement from the creator?
2023/06/03 13.00-15:55FolkoperanNorma (fst 3)
2023/06/03 13.00-15:00Dramaten Lilla scenenThe Wild Duck (fst 1)
2023/06/03 13.00-13:40Kulturhuset Stadsteatern KilenSpring Offering (fst 3)
2023/06/03 13.00-14:00Kulturhuset Stadsteatern Lilla studionPerforming Arts in 2043 – With or Without UsRiksteatern invites to a conversation on how to create opportunities for young people’s voices and competencies to be heard and utilized within performing arts, as phrases like “young people simply don’t want to!” and lack of tools to create opportunities for diverse voices and stories to be heard are still prevalent. The conversation aims to share tips and tricks for an accessible and lively work process and to discuss how to better enable the next generation of cultural workers, both on and off stage.
2023/06/03 13.00-15:00ArmémuseumMeaning of Life (Day 2) (Drop-in)The artist Tove Berglund and the choreographer Ludvig Daae work on creating artistically curated meetings and conversations. During the Scenkonstbiennalen, they open the door to one of the caravans that also serves as the stage for their new work, Meningen med livet (The Meaning of Life). They invite everyone to a conversation about the Norrlandian performing arts and the meaning of life. Anyone who wants to participate in an existential conversation about the meaning of life in the caravan is welcome. The conversations will be held in groups of 5 people for 30 minutes each. First come, first served.
2023/06/03 14.30-16:00Dramaten DramatenbarenWide, White and BroadThis discussion focuses on efforts by theater schools and preparatory programs to broaden recruitment of students and staff, in order to enhance democratic legitimacy and advance performing arts. Strategies such as filmed auditions, collaborations with community colleges, role models, prioritization and quotas will be discussed to develop realistic and radical approaches.
2023/06/03 14.30-16:00Dramaten LejonkulanCloseness (fst 5)
2023/06/03 15.00-16:30Konträr
2023/06/03 15.00-16:00Orionteatern
2023/06/03 15.30-16:45Kulturhuset Stadsteatern Lilla scenenTheatre Directors and Artistic DecisionsA casual roundtable discussion about how artistic decisions are made.
2023/06/03 15.30-16:30OrionteaternMy Total Enjoyment (fst 4b)
2023/06/03 15.45-16:30Blå Huset i TenstaThe role of performing arts in the suburbs!
2023/06/03 16.00-17:30Strindbergs Intima TeaterTschandala/Tattaren (fst 3)
2023/06/03 16.15-17:00Dramaten DramatenbarenActing as Adoption, Adoption as ActingPerformance lecture exploring the dissonance between body and skin, and how artists navigate norms and institutions. The lecture examines the strategies that Black artists and actors use to navigate and work in artistic spaces, and the impact this has on their artistry. Using adoption as a tool, the lecture seeks to uncover the ways in which norms govern our self-understanding. Ellen Nyman is an actor/director and PhD candidate in acting at the Stockholm University of the Arts, with interests in both institutional and activist traditions that touch on social and normative constructions, decolonizing processes, Black studies, and adoption.
2023/06/03 16.30-17:30OrionteaternMy Total Enjoyment (fst 4c)
2023/06/03 17.00-19:00Dramaten Lilla scenenThe Wild Duck (fst 2)
2023/06/03 17.00-17:55Kulturhuset Stadsteatern KlarascenenNoche (fst 3)
2023/06/03 17.00-19:30Unga Klara Burn (fst 5)
2023/06/03 17.00-18:00OrionteaternMy Total Enjoyment (fst 4d)
2023/06/03 17.30-18:30OrionteaternMy Total Enjoyment (fst 4e)
2023/06/03 17.30-18:15Strindbergs Intima TeaterAwards Ceremony and Performance Discussion: Lindy LarssonAfter the performance of Tchandala/Tattaren, the Swedish Association of Theatre Critics awards the 2022 Theatre Prize to Lindy Larsson, followed by a conversation with the award winner led by Bo Löfvendahl.
2023/06/03 18.45-19:15OrionteaternPerformance Discussion: My Total EnjoymentPanel discussion with Elin Lundgren, Petter Pettersson, and Daniel Mårs. The conversation will be moderated by members of Scensverige’s selection committee.

2023/06/03 19.05-19:35Dramaten Lilla scenenPerformance Discussion: The Wild DuckAudience discussion with members of the production team and Scensverige’s selection committee.
2023/06/03 20.30-23:59DramatenBiennale Last Night Party!More info on website!
2023/06/04 11.00-12:00Dramaten huvudentrénBehind the scenes – a tour of Dramaten (day 2)Tour Dramaten’s secret corridors and time layer with Dag Kronlund, former head of Dramaten’s archive and library, who has extensive knowledge of the house.
2023/06/04 13.00-15:00Dramaten Lilla scenenThe Wild Duck (fst 3)
2023/06/04 13.30-15:00Dramaten LejonkulanProximity (fst 6)
2023/06/04 16.00-17:30Dramaten Stora scenenBiennale Finale and Performance Lecture on the chosen dance performance “Hammer”The success of Gothenburg Opera’s Hammer has not gone unnoticed. The busy dance company could not attend Scenkonstbiennalen, but we will enjoy a conversation and presentation of the work with star choreographer Alexander Ekman! We will also summarize Scenkonstbiennalen and thank everyone for this year. More information will follow.
2023/06/04 16.00-18:30Unga Klara Burn (fst 6)
2023/06/04 18.00-19:00OrionteaternMy Total Enjoyment (fst 3a)
2023/06/04 18.30-19:30OrionteaternMy Total Enjoyment (fst 3b)
2023/06/04 19.30-20:30OrionteaternMy total enjoyment (fst 3c)
2023/06/04 20.00-21:00OrionteaternMy total enjoyment (fst 3d)
2023/06/04 20.30-21:30OrionteaternMy total enjoyment (fst 3e)

The Swedish Performing Arts Biennial

The Swedish Performing Arts Biennial is a major event in Sweden’s cultural calendar and is the country’s largest festival for performing arts. The festival, which takes place every two years in May, showcases the best performances from Swedish stages in theatre, musical theatre, dance, and circus. The event is open to both the public and the industry and attracts performers and artists from all over the country, as well as many international guests.

Aside from the performances, the festival also features a wide range of seminars, workshops, talks, debates, annual meetings, board meetings, and other festivities. The festival provides an arena for all genres of performing arts and serves as a meeting place for performing artists and industry professionals.

The festival is organized by the Swedish Performing Arts Coalition and a selected host stage in the city where the biennial is held. The performances are carefully selected by a competent selection committee. In addition to the main performances, the festival also includes performances by the host organization and international guest performances.

Read more about the Swedish Performing Arts Coalition
Read more about Proud Performing Arts