Swedish performances on tour

La Gioconda Operafarbriken
La Gioconda is a opera with a touching story of power and repression, good and evil, injustice and triumphant love! Soloists from the Malmö Opera and the Royal Opera, the piece is performed in the original language and they are accompanied by a string ensemble, clarinet and piano.

July 17-18, Copenhagen, Denmark


Charlie’s Kid Pantomimteatern
Chaplin’s silent film classic The Kid from 1921 comes to life on stage in a heart-warming slapstick about one of cinema’s most famous families. A tale of the rich and the poor, and the relationship between Char­lie and an orphan kid unfolds in a world where not everything is black or white.

July 30-August 2, Seoul, South Korea


Uncle Vanya Uppsala City Theatre
An ingenious and bold modern adaptation of a classic play!

In this version of Uncle Vanya, there is no rural estate but a hotel, no tea but Estonian vodka, and the climate change is more destructive than ever before. However, one thing remains the same: human nature. The characters trudge through their delusions and lies as sluggishly and distinctively as a hundred years ago.

August 4-5, Tampere, Finland


Marmalade Claire Parsons Co.
Aimed at young children 2-6 years old, Marmalade is a delicious, sensory performance about meeting, mixing and blending. Mira and Viktor taste and feel in poetic movements and circus actions in an exquisite and visual experience where the audience is invited to join. Marmalade looks at the world through body, eye, feeling and taste in a room with fluffy skirts, soft circus and Fellini music.

August 15-17, New York, USA
August 22, Washington, USA