Global Call for Actors for Lesvos Island

Dear friends and colleagues,

This is an INVITATION to all actors globally, Oscar winning to struggling, to all performing artists, with any form and style of acting – traditional, classical, contemporary.

I invite you to take an action,
I invite you to make a statement with your action,
I invite you to volunteer,
I invite you for solidarity,
I invite you to stand for human dignity,
I invite you to protect love and kindness,
I invite you to protect values and humanity,
I invite you to protect the values of civilization,
I invite you to protect the values of culture,
I invite you to make action with acting,
I invite you to celebrate our art of acting.

From Sunday 17th (arrival) to Sunday 24th (departure) of April let’s all go to Lesvos island. We can go, on our own expenses, for any or as many of these days depending on our busy schedule. During the daytime we could volunteer and assist the NGO’s which are based now on the island, we could welcome the refugees when they arrive at the shore, we could give them any kind of help. During the evening we could rehearse a piece of monologue, dialogue or any scene of any size, on our own or with others or with refugee actors and directors. Each scene could be from any form of performing arts, style, aesthetics, artistic and speaking language.

All of the scenes will be from only one play: The Tempest by Shakespeare thus celebrating his 400 years anniversary – 23rd April (the presentation of The Tempest will be Saturday 23rd April). A play which has a very relevant theme of who are Prospero and his daughter and who is Caliban? What’s the meaning of a sinking boat, getting stuck on an island etc.? A play which at the end has hope, where good and right prevails.

I invite you to give warm hugs in the day and warm acting in the evening,
I invite you to a performance with no contracts,
I invite you to a performance in which at the end there will be no applause,
I invite you to a global performance,
I invite you quoting the late artist David Bowie “to be heroes for just one day”,
I invite you to change the world!

No money, products, objects are accepted. There will be no scenography, costumes or technical equipment. Just us, giving ourselves, sharing our values and acting with our (he)art.

For registration and information (accommodation, flights, NGO’s, etc.):

Thank you for taking your time to consider this invitation and thank you for sharing it with your colleagues.

Hope to see you at Lesvos island, helping and acting together.

Warm regards
Apostolos Apostolides
Actor / Director