newsletter march 2020

Newsletter March 2021

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With great admiration, we are following the country’s performing artists, rehearsals with masks and protective visors, go to the premiere and eventually packing everything in boxes with anticipation of the new theatre season which will arrive when the time is right.

We were glad to receive so many suggestions for seminars, discussions and workshops for our semi-digital Swedish Biennial for Performing Arts which will happen this year on May 18-21! The program scheduling is already in the process and if, by any luck that destiny, vaccines and the Public Health Authority allow it, several events and performances will take place live in their respective hometowns as well as being available on the website.

Take part of our latest announcements with publications, tips, open calls and events. On Saturday 27th of March is the celebration of the World Theatre Day, which was instituted by the International Theatre Institute in Paris in 1961. This year the actress Helen Mirren wrote a global message, which she finishes as such:
”The creative urge of writers, designers, dancers, singers, actors, musicians, directors, will never be suffocated and in the very near future will flourish again with a new energy and a new understanding of the world we all share. I can’t wait!”

Best regards,
Ulricha Johnson
Managing director
Swedish Performing Arts Coalition

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