A letter of support to the performing arts community in Ukraine, International Theatre Institute (ITI)

Dear friends and colleagues,
We are shocked and horrified to see the brutal Russian invasion to
Ukraine. We condemn it from the bottom of our hearts. We can imagine
the horror that you’re experiencing in this very moment. We want to
assure you that we support your struggle for freedom and
independence, and we’ll express this support everywhere we can.
Hopefully the bloodshed will end soon, and that the freedom of speech
and artistic expression will prevail under any circumstances that might
develop. We’re sure you have the power and commitment to continue
your struggle in the theatres, too, and strengthen the spirit of your
audiences to survive these awful days until you regain your freedom and

Your friends at ITI:
• Israel, Gad Kaynar, President
• Germany, Yvonne Büdenhölzer, President, Thomas Engel, Director
• Belgium Flanders, Guy Coolen, President
• Georgia, Levan Khetaguri, General Secretary
• Austria, Reinhard Auer
• Sweden, Ulricha Johnson, CEO, Petra Brylander, Chair of the Board
• Romania, Aura Corbeanu, Doina Lupu
• Hungary, Anna Lakos on behalf of Executive Committee
• UK, Stefania Bochicchio, Co-director, Nick Awde, Co-director
• Czech Republic, Yvona Kreuzmannová, Marta Smolíková, Adriana
Světlíková, Jakub Vedral – Presidency Board
• Finnland, Mikko Kanninen, Chairman of the Board, Linnea Stara,
• Slovakia, Vladislava Fekete, Director Theatre Institute Bratislava
• Croatia, Željka Turčinović, President, Nina Križan, Producer
• Italy, Fabio Tolledi, President
• Cyprus, Christos Georgiou, Executive Director
• Estonia, Anu Lamp, President, Kirsten Simmo, Director
• Slovenia, Staša Mihelčič
• North Macedonia, Ivanka Apostolova
• Switzerland, Anina Jendreyko, Ursula Werdenberg, Board Member

For TDA (The Day After), an informal forum of theatre artists which was
founded during the Covid19 lockdowns, aiming to investigate and reflect
on our responsibility and possibilities as artists in this changing world:
Hadar Galron – Playwright, director, actress, Tel Aviv
Ari Roth – Founding Producing Partner, Voices Festival Productions,
Washington DC
Darinka Abrahamova – Dramaturg of Slovak National Theatre, Bratislava
Eszter Orban – Co-president of the Hungarian Theater Dramaturgs Guild,
George Brownstone – Psychiatrist & Psychoanalys,Vienna
K. Madavane – K. Madavane, Playwright, Director, New Delhi
Matthias Naumann – Playwright, translator and publisher, Berlin
Motti Lerner – Playwright, Tel Aviv
Nenni Delmestre – resident director at Croatian National Theatre, Split
Ophir Ariel – writer, director and producer, New York
Petr Svojtka –Director, playwright and translator, Prague,
Pino Tierno – Writer, producer translator, Rome
Richard McElvain – Richard McElvain Actor, Director, Playwright,
Fulbright Scholar, Boston MA.
Vijaya Rao – Member of Chingari Theatre Group, New Delhi
Vivianne Pasmanter – Actress, Sau Paulo

A letter of support to the performing arts community in Ukraine (pdf)

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