ITI World Congress

KarabudaKeynote speaker at the general assembly of the ITI World Congress in Yerevan, Armenia will be Swedish composer Alfons Karabuda. Karabuda will use the UN-report “The Right to freedom of Artistic expression and creativity” as the focal point of his talk, a report he also participated in writing. Karabuda is the chairman of European Composer & Songwriter Alliance, and an expert on artistic rights and freedom of speech.

The Swedish delegation at the Wold Congress will consist of among others, Ann Mari Engel, deputy chairman of ITI Worldwide and chairman of the Actions Committe for Artists Rights, and Ulla Svedin, deputy chairman of Swedish ITI.

The ITI World Congress takes place November 17-22, 2014.

Swedstage is here!









November 2 means the start of Swedstage. Over 50 participants from 30 different nations will for three days experience the very best of Swedish performing arts for children, youth and adults. Day one we will see the beautiful Les Funambules and the epic Mats Ek production of The Emigrants

See the full programme of Swedstage here.

Summer hours

sommarblommorDuring the summer, the office is closed week 29-32. We will be back Monday, August 11.

We wish you all a nice summer!