Hammer/Gothenburg Opera Dance Company

Photo: Lennart Sjöberg

Hammer is an energetic and inclusive dance work with an accurate contemporary edge. The company’s perfect precision and technique merge with Alexander Ekman’s choreography in a strong concept. The dancers fly forward in playful communion, like a colour explosion of everyday creations. The audience is drawn into this absorbing universe as the dancers step off the stage and pose in the sea of spectators, an invitation that surprisingly turns into a black mirror of cold distance and self-absorption. A call for reflection.

Motivation of the selection jury

In Hammer (formerly Sledgehammer), a group of people live a harmonious, selfless existence inspired by the hippie era. They run, play, sing and run around together. Slowly there is a transformation towards modern day surveillance. The behaviour of the group shifts and becomes increasingly selfish and individualistic. When we return in the second act, we are in a different place.

The group has turned into self-conscious people in lonely clouds. In the end, they can’t stand the false pretence and need to knock down their facades and ideas about themselves to find their way back to an altruistic existence.

Choreography, direction, set & light Alexander Ekman
Music Mikael Karlsson
Dramaturgy Carina Nildalen
Costume Henrik Vibskov
Light Joakim Brink
Assistant to Alexander Ekman Victor G. Jeffreys II
Cast Benjamin Behrends, Mei Chen, Nathan Chipps, Zander Constant, Miguel Duarte, Zachary Enquist, Viola Esmeralda Grappiolo, Sabine Groenendijk, Mai Lisa Guinoo, Logan Hernandez, Hiroki Ichinose, Bettina Jurák, Janine Koertge, Fan Luo, Rachel McNamee, Waldean Nelson, Einar Nikkerud , Riley O’Flynn, Anna Ozerskaia, Auguste Palayer, Christoph von Riedemann, Duncan C Schultz, Endre Schumicky, Frida Dam Seidel, Satoko Takahashi, Lee-Yuan Tu, Danielle de Vries, Johanna Wernmo, Joseba Yerro Izaguirre, Zenon Zubyk, Amanda Åkesson

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