My total nutrition/Lilith Performance Studio

Photo: Petter Pettersson

The room is covered from floor to ceiling with five tonnes of flour, a giant dough becomes the prop that binds the 25 actors together. The dough smells, is hugged, kneaded, handed over and follows the audience home, stuck under their shoes. The sensuality of My Total Indulgence is striking and liberating, but the performance also gives a sense of nightmarish uncertainty in the dim neon blue light, with choral chanting and an operatic solo for soprano. It is beautiful, scary, totally enjoyable and unforgettable.

Motivation of the selection jury

My total pleasure is a state in the gap between before and after the crisis or ecstasy. The individual’s desire for destruction and rebirth is examined in relation to the collective’s need for ritual intimacy and care. Like a burning mill, all the old has been burnt to make something new.

We move gently in the crevices between erotic dreams and crumbling reality. The subconscious has taken the form of a new nature, a barren mountainous landscape that clings to the soles of our feet. A group of people involuntarily deal with the various stages of transformation of the living organism. With an unquenchable desire, the choir chants about redemption in total pleasure. Events and temporalities play out side by side, in reverse and without time.

In November 2020, on the initiative of the artist duo LILITH (Elin Lundgren & Petter Pettersson), the poet Daniel Mårs was commissioned to write a poetic universe that would be the basis for a large-scale performance in all parameters. In close collaboration with the artist duo LILITH, the poetic building blocks were developed and allowed to dictate the design of the site, choral pieces, opera solos and the choreographies of the participants. The result was the total performance and the poetry collection My total enjoyment.

Idea & concept Artist duo LILITH and poet Daniel Mårs.
Text Daniel Mårs
Direction/Scenography/Costume/Lighting Artist duo LILITH
Composer Philip Gleisner
Opera soloist Kristine Nowlain
Recorded choir Maja Lundmark, Hanna-Maria Strand, Joar Sörensson, Daniel Åberg
Pole dancer Selma Kjellsson
Production Lilith Performance Studio
Participating actors Daniel Mårs, Elin Lundgren, Erik Wall, Susanne Larsdotter, Elisabet Stengård, Birgitta Hult, Lo Pettersson-Lundgren, Inna Pettersson-Lundgren, Vilma Linton, Selma Kjellsson, Joakim Carlsson, Axel Berger, Mikael Dahlqvist Fuchs, Olivia Klang, Thomas Hiljeborn Faïka Ammar, Helena Ricci, Finon Alkabawi, Hanna Knutsson, Irene Stenberg, Vilija Židovainytė, Louise Zurawski, Kaisa Malmborg

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