Photo: Nina Andersson Voigt

In Noche, choreographer Alma Söderberg and Cullberg’s nine dancers set the night in motion. Out of the darkness emerges a symbiosis of movement and sound, a composite choir where rhythms with syncopation and sudden stops create tension and variation. The movements feed the music and the dancers’ voices undulate from whispers to song. From the collective flow, solos emerge in the delineated fields of the sparse lighting design, reminiscent of the moon’s glow. It all adds up to a magically captivating atmosphere that makes you want to rock along.

Motivation of the selection jury

The encounter between dance and music, movement, voice and rhythm is central to Alma Söderberg’s work. In her second work for Cullberg, Noche, exploration takes a new form. At once slow and sudden, constantly recurring yet unpredictable, the night is a soft interruption with its own rhythm. The night becomes the symbol of a new type of music and dance, more uneven in its rhythm, more risky, but at the same time soft, warm and dark. With its pastel colours and blurred edges, Alma Söderberg’s first work for Cullberg The Listeners, premiered just before the pandemic in January 2020, was a work of the evening. Where it ends, Noche takes over. From a soft web of multiple voices and movements, towards the cut, the interruption, the syncopation.

– In Noche, I have focused even more on rhythm than before. More specifically, we have worked with syncopations, which are variations of rhythm and sudden stops. My ambition is that there should be a crystal clear quailty, in the same way that moonlight creates clear contours and shapes. It should be clear in both a musical and visual sense,’ says Alma Söderberg.

By Alma Söderberg
Choreographer Alma Söderberg
Music Dehendrik Lechat Willekens
Costume Behnaz Aram
Light Pole Matthé
The dance and voice has been created in collaboration with Adam Schütt, Anna Fitoussi, Benjamin Pohlig, Camille Prieux, Cecilia Wretemark-Hauck, Eliott Marmouset, Freddy Houndekindo, Johanna Tengan, Katie Jacobson, Louise Dahl, Mohamed Y. Shika and Víctor Pérez Armero. Shika and Víctor Pérez Armero With 10 dancers in Cullberg

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