The Rite of Spring/Norrdans

Photo: Lia Jacobi

At Norrdans, Igor Stravinsky’s Rite of Spring from 1913 is once again given new life, now in a surprising form as spring cleaning in the garage. With a large plastic tarpaulin and a plethora of gadgets – everyday items ranging from earplugs to drainpipes – the three dancers let loose with power and speed in Martin Forsberg’s playful choreography. To the classical music, they perform a contemporary ritual with the objects. Curiosity and imagination take the lead, and with the young audience around, The Rite of Spring is both rebellious and fun.

Motivation of the selection jury

A playground lost in (dys)function, (dis)order and earplugs. A leftover tarp and a rake without a handle, and a bunch of other everyday objects share space with the three dancers trying to execute a very accurate version of The Rite of Spring.

A great classic, reformulated by Norrdans’ Artistic Director Martin Forsberg. This creation is a macrocosm in a small space, where scales, volume and vibrations take center stage. The beauty finds its place next to the sublime, and the captivating next to the distorted. The dance comes dangerously close and the grand notes of composer Stravinsky manifest in a small but explosive ensemble, a form of rebellious playfulness and total lack of sacrifice.

Choreography, set and costume by Martin Forsberg in close collaboration with the ensemble.
Composer Igor Stravinsky
Dancers Alberte Buch Gøbel, Yeji Lim, Elias Kraft in collaboration with Jonathan Starr.
Conductor and artistic collaborator Marco Herløv Høst.
Tour technician Daniel Granberg

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