The Swedish Performing Arts Biennial 2023

The very best from Sweden ́s stages!

The Performing Arts Biennial is Sweden’s largest performing arts festival and is aimed at both the public and the industry. For one week in May every two years, it showcases the best from Sweden’s stages in theatre, musical theatre, dance and circus. It is an arena for all genres of performing arts and a meeting place for performing artists from all over the country, but also with many foreign guests. The event is organized by Swedish Performing Arts Coalition and a selected host stage in the city where the biennial is held. The performances are chosen by a competent selection committee.

The Performing Arts Biennale also includes performances from the host organization and
international guest performances. In addition, there are hundreds of seminars, workshops,
talks, debates, annual meetings, board meetings – and not least, festivities.

This year is the 30th anniversary of the Performing Arts Biennial and we are returning to
where it all started in 1993 – Stockholm at the Royal Dramatic Theatre! On 30 May-4 June, Royal Dramatic Theatre will open its doors wide to host the biennial. See you there!

Selected productions 2023