Tschandala/Tattaren – Lindy Larsson/Strindberg’s Intimate Theatre

Photo and graphic design: Stefan Forss

Lindy Larsson fearlessly takes on August Strindberg – in the titan’s own theatre! Tschandala/Tattaren is a personal and universal confrontation with Strindberg’s antiziganist text “Tschandala”. Larsson draws on his own background in queer culture and Traveller traditions as he elegantly uncovers layers of oppression, offers resistance and hope. With superb physical acting and charismatic singing, which can move mountains, his theatre concert points to the need for many people’s redress.

Motivation of the selection jury

In the award-winning performance Tschandala/Tattaren, Lindy Larsson, backed by the acclaimed Bon Bon Band, offers a personal theatre concert based on his origins. He gives a voice to the travelling people and reveals a blind spot in our Swedish history that resonates in our time. The performance takes on large and complex issues of exclusion and abuse, but also of survival, healing and liberation. It is a musical manifestation, high-voltage cabaret music without a safety net and an emergency measure to preserve an endangered minority, the Romani people. It is a revision of Swedish history and a punky take on Strindberg and the short novel “Tschandala”.

Tschandala/Tattaren is produced in collaboration with Strindberg’s Intima Theatre.

Starring and directed by Lindy Larsson
Text Lindy Larsson, Stefan Forss, August Strindberg
Costume design Delaine Le Bas, Stefan Forss
Music Bon Bon Band
Sound & light Gustave Lund

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