What we do


We work to promote the development of the performing arts

Teaterunionen – Swedish ITI has a wide range of projects, which include information, documentation, training, international and Nordic relations.

We are engaged in activities of common interest to our members; providing information, documentation, encouraging education and international relations. Within Teaterunionen we have committees to address cultural politics, education and other current issues.

Every second year we produce Scenkonstbiennalen, The Swedish Biennial for Performing Arts, with one of the country’s professional theatres as a host. Scenkonstbiennalen is Sweden’s largest festival for performing arts and is an important gathering place for those working within the profession. For international visitors it also serves as a window into the world of Swedish performing arts.

We administrates a database, www.scendatabasen.se, documenting all professional stage performance useful for compiling statistics. Each month we publish an online calendar of productions opening in venues all across the nation.

Together with ASSITEJ Sweden, we also organize Swedstage, the Swedish showcase for performing arts. Swedstage is the opportunity to see and experience the very best of Swedish performing arts for children, youth and adults. During three days in Stockholm, we will present exclusively selected Swedish performances, able to tour and available for an international audience.