Letter to the Ministry of Culture of Arab Republic of Egypt

To the Ministry of Culture of Arab Republic of Egypt
2 Shagret El Dorr St
Zamalek Cairo

The International Theatre Institute, worldwide organization for the Performing Arts, want to forward our worries and concern about the situation for artists in Egypt today.

We have been informed that there are attacks from the government on the freedom of expression and the role in society by the artists, which is a violation of The Unesco Convention of the Status of the artist and against the United Nations declaration of Human rights.

We want to recognize and celebrate the great achievements all over the world by Egyptian artist in various fields of the performing and fine arts. We want to express our fear that there will be restrictions on the freedom of the arts and that the artists will not be treated in the way that they deserve and have the right to.

We urge the authorities to start a constructive dialogue with the artists, who are an important part of the big international community for performing arts.

Yours sincerely

Ann Mari Engel
Vice President of the International Theatre Institute
President of the ITI Action Committee for Artists Rights