International Puppetry Festival Kenya 2020

16th to 20th September 2020 “Puppets & Rights’’ 

The 10th International Puppetry Festival “IPFest2020” Kenya will take place in Nairobi, Kenya from 16th to 20th September 2020. The 10th edition of the IPFEST is very important in Kenyan puppet history. The Kenya puppetry fraternity we will be celebrating the 10th anniversary since the initiation of the bi-annual Kenya International Festival in 2002. 

The 2020 festival theme is Puppets & Rights. The theme emanates from a conscious desire to draw the attention of the world on the increased abuse of fundamental human rights. There are many new threats to Human Rights and Democracy around the world. 

The 10th IPFest Kenya in 2020 is very important as it will create platform of raising and informing the world of important issues and set-back pertaining to fundamental human rights and democracy. The festival intends to create a platform of sharing, expanding and advocating against fundamental human right abuse and bad governance. It will also enhance skills and knowledge of Kenyan puppeteers and artists on the appropriate strategies in advocating against human right and bad governance. 

Since its inception in 2002, the festival has attracted puppet theatre teams from countries like Netherlands, Indonesia, United States of America, Finland, Israel, Germany, Uganda, Singapore, France, Austria, Netherlands, United Kingdom, Israel, Germany, Malawi, South Africa, Poland, Hungary and Kenya among others 

Specifically, the International Puppetry Festival 2020 intends to: 

i. Promote and support the development of puppetry and performing arts through international relationships, collaboration and exchange of ideas. 
ii. Expand the use of puppetry as an innovative, creative and effective medium and as a tool for education and communication 
iii. Establish puppetry exchange and support networks to support in human right/governance advocacy work in Kenya 
iv. Offer artistic skills workshops and training for Kenyan puppeteers and artists on human right governance. 


i. The enhancement and recognition of puppet theatre as an innovative and effective advocacy tool in Kenya. 
ii. Strengthened knowledge and increased dialogue within communities on governance and leadership 
iii. Create linkages with institutions of higher learning to initiate puppetry programmes within their art departments. 
iv. Launch of International Theatre Institute (ITI) Kenya Chapter 
v. Establish puppetry exchange and support networks to support in human right/governance advocacy work 
vi. Enhanced artistic skills among Kenyan puppeteers and artists on human right governance 

The International Puppetry Festival, “IPfest 2020” will be a travelling festival. The festival will be hosted in Nairobi, Kisumu and Mombasa. The performances will be conducted in the Libraries, museums, schools and auditoriums and in open spaces in informal settlement in the identified counties. A total of 30 performances will be done (10 in each county) by both the Kenyan and International puppeteers highlighting human rights, governance and democracy. 

To prepare and stage an impactful and productive festival that will attract the world-class puppeteers and artists, funding is being sought from donors, private sector, individuals, Government ministries. 

Sponsors of the previous festivals included Ford Foundation, The Embassies of Finland, Hungary, Poland, Israel, Indonesia, Japan, the United States of America and the Royal Netherlands. Goethe Institute, the Prince Claus Fund, the Reuters Foundation, the French Cultural Centre, Africalia Lene/Leif from Denmark and Siemens. The local sponsors included County Government of Nairobi, Africa Digital Media Institute, Barclays Bank, Kenya Airways, BAT, Multichoice(K), Coca-Cola, Budget Car Hire, Kilimanjaro Waters, Kitengela Glass, The Kenya Cultural Centre, The International School of Kenya and Braeburn School 

For More Information 
Phylemon Odhiambo Okoth, Director
-Kenya Institute of Puppet Theatre 
-International Puppetry Festival (IPfest) Kenya 2018 
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